I think my balls hang 2 inches lower

Dec 24, 2003
What's up my fellow log stretchers

I just started to jump into my routine again and have noticed that my balls keep getting bigger,and all i do is stretch for length since girth was pretty easy for me to get with the jelque.My skin is starting to crumple again i see it while i'm soft and about to take a leak.I also noticed that i can't do stretches just sitting at the edge of the bed anymore.The last time i tried it didnt feel like i was getting a good stretch .I now sit in bed with my knees kinda drawn to my chest and stretch this way in every angle possible.basically i just sit in bed and do the exercises under my legs and get the most intense stretch than ever before.My gf attempted to give me some dome earlier and i noticed the expression on her face while looking down and pulling up on my meat.I was stressed out a couple of months ago and now i'm back on track.

My cam is broke and i'm pissed as all hell,but i will get a new one soon and i refuse to take any pics to i hit my desired length which is 9 inches long(a lil over 9.5 would be perfect-i'm not greedy-LOL)and 7 inches in girth.


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Jun 4, 2003
That's interesting, maybe at some point in your routine you're doing more of a ball-sac stretch or something. Or not. Hell, I dunno, haha. LOL


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