I supported MOS today, ordered a T-Shirt...what about YOU?


Aug 20, 2003
stillwantmore said:

I'm wearing mine out to the nudy bars.
hahhaaa nice stillwantmore.

I'm still somewhat subconcious about my unit, although as it grows I'm feeling better by the week. When I surpass 8x6 I think I will reward myself by buying a MOS shirt.

Hey what do you guys think of a hung only clothing line. I've been thinking about it for the last month sometimes. Sometimes it makes me laugh out loud just by thinking to myself about it:).

Like at 8x6 you can wear some of the clothing lines. Then at 9 x 6.5 you can wear even more expensive advanced stuff. Yes I would be charging a FORTUNE for it. And most importantly in my company I would have fluff girls that come and check your size. And officialy measure so they know you are above.

Then you get the clothes and shit fitted for you, so its yours personally. Over time I would hope that more and more people recognize the line, and KNOW, that to wear this you HAVE TO BE VERIFIED THAT SIZE.

So some chick sees you in this clothing, and it can be something like 'mos
level 2', she KNOWS you are hung big time.

That would be so fucking kewl wearing the bigger levels stuff and like going out and getting hit on because of it. Almost like going to a nude beach but doing it Penis EnlargementRMA.

Also fluff guys for the gay guys, because they might be a larger market, plus they got MOOLa, no families to support usualy.

Also kewl making mad money off of it:).

I love elitism, like having people not allowed to wear it because they are too small. Also I like it when chicks act so intelligent and artsy and spiritual, then a big dick buff boy comes along and they spread their legs and jump at him.

I used to hate it, now I think its awesome, because we can all become buff/hung if we work at it.

Oh ya this would be a lot like those slut charms women wear. I've met two women, one I actualy dated for a bit who wore slut charms on their ankles. The charm shows what they are into, to everyone 'in the know'. This woman it was having her cuckhold husband, but dating other men.

The media never gives those any air time though, because its like we have to cover up women's sexuality in north america. But if something like this came out for men, the media would cover it 24/7/365, so news would spread insane fast. So even some like 13 girl in the store would see your 9x6.5 plus clothing and know what it meant.


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Dec 5, 2003
BTW were are my shirts, I ordered them fucking three weeks ago
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