I Really Need Help (DLD)


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Jul 17, 2003
OK here's the deal:

I'm really freaking out about my dick right now and have been for a while. I measure EL: 6" and EG: just under 4". I just started having sex with my girlfriend and...for the most part it's great but I know I'm not big enough (it feels a little loose.) I've also heard from my girlfriend about how her bestfriend's boyfriend is 8" and even though my girlfriend has not said anything about not liking mine, I know she would like it if I was bigger (So would I!) I'm 18 and I'm going to start college in about a month. I am really really low on confidence right now and really want to work hard at starting a Penis Enlargement routine. I feel it's important for me to DO something about it since I will be entering a totally new environment. Existing confidence is necessary and ...i have none. I've been to a couple of free forums with all the exercises but my problem is that I don't know HOW to start. I need help with setting a routine and changing it to fit me. I'm going to join MoS once I get some money..but that's not going to be for a little bit. Please DLD if you could help me with a routine..ANYTHING until I get some money that would be awesome. I'm really feeling bad about this and it's really affecting how I act everyday (and towards my girlfriend). I know it's probably sad, i know I'm being insecure, but I don't care. I know I need to fix this and I have the desire to do so.
My goal for the first month or so of Penis Enlargementing is EL: 7" EG: 4.75". I don't know if this is realistic, but I'm willing to work toward it. If anyone can help, please reply to the thread or e-mail me at cbennett12@cfl.rr.com. Hopefully DLD will see this and give me some pointers.

Thank you and sorry I'm so long winded,

If anyone could tell me their beginning measurements and current measurements since using the MoS paysite that would be a great help


Jul 9, 2003
Look in the routines section and find one that you can do in your life style. Try it out for a while, say a couple of months, and see how it is going.

Do some dry jelqing , wet jelqing , and stretches . I find the best stretch is the "A"-Stretch combine this with kegels and reverse kegels and you have an explosive stretch , this is also called a DLD blaster. If you can't get into the "A"-stretch use RB's fake arm stretch .

The information is all here, read, experiment, read, come up with a routine, read, experiment, and read! :)



Jun 5, 2003
...Hydromaxmm...I agree completely with what Questor said...

If you're looking for a routine, I might suggest mine. Check out the progress section to get a feel from my routine.


Jun 16, 2003
Originally posted by OBW
My goal for the first month or so of Penis Enlargementing is EL: 7" EG: 4.75". I don't know if this is realistic, but I'm willing to work toward it.
That goal is a bit unrealistic as it takes a little time to get used to the exercises and get proper technique and intensity. Plus, 1" is quite a lot.

Check the routines and progress forum to find some routines. Or just search the forum using the search function. I'm sure you'll find some beginner's routines there.


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Jun 4, 2003

Well, you won't get that MONSTER by just sitting here!! LOL Check out the routine and progress section, I, myself just started back on my old routine that yielded me my gains. It feels great, but if you're still debating on joining MOS, you should do a routine so that you can at least be doing something!



Jun 3, 2003
OBW, I would first like to welcome you to the forum. Secondly I want to comment on confidence and penis size. No matter what anyone says if we are not happy with our penis size our confidence suffers. We can do self affirmations that will no doubt make us feel worse. To most of the world a small penis, or what they view as a small penis is something they have to accept and "live with". What a terrible feeling that must be, always in the back of their heads. You have already been witness to the miracle. You now know the secrets of penis enlargement, secrets that only a select few know. This is in no way an acceptance but a changeable factor now. You have the knowledge to change your entire life and it starts with asking for help. From now on when you start to feel down about penis size you can fall back on the knowledge that you can do something about it, you are now part of the club of Penis Enlargement knowledge.

As far as a routine is concerned I suggest starting on Phase 1 and building a solid foundation. This foundation will be the building blocks of future gains. It may seem basic but believe me it will start you on a path of gains which will quickly equate confidence. If you are not a member at MOS there are many routines listed in the routine section of this site that are free and available.

Good Luck

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