i really do enjoy being here

Nov 18, 2003
I was just thinking today about how much i opened up on this forum....I said things here that I haven't express to my closest friends. It's easy to open up here cuz everyone else seems so open and honest...i find that rare in my life...it seems most people you meet nowadays have a hidden agenda....the only people i honestly trusted was the people i grew up with and most of them are gone out of my life... I would say I am a pretty positive person...(not always glass half full mentality but positive enough)..but i also have known my share of bullshit...with pyramid schemes, being jerked for products over the internet, and just the daily life bullshit that would make anyone cynical....but here i am coming to work everyday...logging on to check on my pe brothers...i wouldn't know any of you to pass you on the street and i would be honestly surprise to see what most of you guys look like cuz i have my own perceptions of your appearance already....i never met anyone from this forum personally (at least i don't think so) but for a few of you i feel like i know you guys....your personality come out through your words....i can feel your honesty, humbleness, and excitement when someone is doing well....and i have come to look forward to that everyday....

Now just like in my real life I know that there are always a few perpetrators in every bunch....some people aren't as honest and there intentions are not positive...and I am sure there are a few on this forum (don't know of any but i am thinking we have a eclectic group here....the odds aren't good that everyone is just honest and upright...sorry)...but i feel for the most part that everyone is so encouraging because we came here all looking for the same thing...ways to improve something about us that we felt we can improve on and in a healthy way...we all want this to work so badly that we are willing to share our stories and methods to perfect strangers.I am really happy that I found this place and that the members here make everyone feel welcome and when someone achieve something everyone joins in and celebrate that person success....i was just thinking if the whole world could take what we have here in this little forum and use it out there....it really would be a different place to live....

i was just thinking about this today and thought i might share it with you guys...even if it takes me longer than i expect to achieve my goals...i feel i won't stop just for the simple fact that i enjoy coming here and the words of encouragement from other members can get you through the hard times...and even after i have accomplish the goal i set out for myself...i can see me still logging on to help out the ones to follow me in their journey....thanks for listening guys


Its a marathon, not a sprint!
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Jun 3, 2003
I agree and understand you.
Glad to see MOS is more than a forum ...... its a way of life, a part of a life.


Jun 25, 2004
I love it here and would have stopped without it. Has helped me feel alot better about ALOT of things.


Nov 3, 2003
I agree whole-heartedly, that's why if I can afford to give a little to help keep it going I am glad to do so. It's a free forum, but it still takes time and money to keep it going strong, so help out when you can, even it's only a couple of dollars.

This is just a general statement, please don't think this directed at anyone in particular, I was just saying what I was thinking about the populace in general here. Just imagine, if every member only chipped in a dollar a month... whew!! That would rock. Of course I am as guilty as anybody... I haven't given nearly as much as I feel I've received here.

Best Penis Enlargement site on the net-- period-- IMO. Thanks to DLD, Jaz, and all the mods. I can't praise or thank you guys enough for the impact this has had on me, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. The physical gains and the positive vibe here really fuel the spirit of a man in a world that seems to be hell-bent on breaking us down.

Sorry to get mushy there guys... just came out.