i need two inches...

Jun 6, 2004
I really want two inches in length and girth if possible. I have tried Penis Enlargement a couple times and its got me nowhere fast. I just want to be able to satisfy with a muck thicker and fuller penis. Currently, im 3-4 inches flacid and 5.5/6 inches erect. I truly feel my cock is a little small for my size. I know cocks come in all shapes and sizes though. I would still like to put on more inches. I more so want more girth but two more inches in length would also be good seeing im a bit short there. Please help me out! Thanks.


Oct 22, 2003
well we all want two more inches,there is alot of good info here and no one can twinkle there nose for your wish,you will have to be dedicated and not rush yourself,or your looking for injury,read and search and if your lucky you could be a fast gainer,but I'll tell you alot of people put in alot of hours for years with minimal gains and are happy with an inch in a year or more,so find a routine and try it for a while good luck


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Jun 20, 2003
I assume you mean two inches total, and not each measurement. Dude, two inches of girth would be a monumental accomplishment. Length should be more doable.

Check out DLD's newbie routine in the newbie forum and see how that works for you.
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