I need some advice on how to get a woman to open up



Dec 24, 2003
My girl is bisexual,and she wants to have a 3 sum with her best friend and me.We've done the 3 sum thing with another female,and my wifey told her friend about all the details.We of course asked her best friend first,but she claimed that it would be to weird(mind u her and my girl had sex before i even came in the picture--and she came back for more and my girl declined)for her to do so we did it with someone else.Heres where it gets a lil interesting.After we told her,she kinda caught a attitude and got jealous.We took a second stab at it,but only got so far because we had other people in our home.I sucked her friends tits and they both stroked my dick.I could tell she wanted to suck it,but didnt because we had a house full.Time has passed since all of this happened,and we haven't really been trying to push for it.I could kinda tell though that the friend still wants to get down,because when i(of course when my wifey gives me the cue)flirt-it almost looks like she gets moiste.

Do u guys think we should just get it on in front of her,and wait for her to join?

Do u think maybe it isnt me that should start things up with her,and maybe my girl should?


Do u think we should just leave it alone because if it hasnt happened yet it will never happen?
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