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hi im new to your site .....

i want to ask about thicknes ....and how to get it

i have 7" X 6" ...

i want to make it as thick as i can ......

thinx ...for your time ...


DLD’s Crazy Girth Busters
DLD’s Crazy Girth Busters

These are a combination I have been developing over the past month. For girth I have done nothing more intense or productive. I think the combination of the Dry to Wet exercise is very important. I find that after the dry part of this routine, although temporary, I am at my largest girth. The succession of going directly into the Wet Jelq super sets seems to help distribute this girth evenly along my shaft. After the session I feel very accomplished. Although there are 4 exercises mentioned here they are done in combinations of super sets. Do these as I have written and watch your girth explode. I will get this routine on video in the next couple days too for the MOS site.

Dry DLD Dual Jelqs 10 ten second Jelqs
Isolated Compression Squeezes 1 sixty second squeeze
X 10 sets.

Then go directly into

Set 1: 100 85% wet Jelqs
30 Second DLD Bend
x 4 sets

Dry Dual Jelqs
In a 90% erect state grab your penis by the glans. Take the other hand and grip around the extreme base. While jelqing hand forward push hand holding the glans towards the other hand. Each jelq should take 10 second. Switch hands after 10 jelqs.

Isolated Compression Squeezes
In a 95% erect state Kegel as march blood into penis as you can now trap this blood at the extreme base. With your other hand grab your penis just below the glans (head) Now with some good pressure push these hands together so the area between the hands is compressed. Once in a compressed state make small rotary movements to the penis in space between your hands. Do this for a 60 second count.

DLD Bends
In a 90% erect state grip penis at extreme base with left hand and right below the head with the other hand. Once a good solid grip is made slight arch the penis. Once in this state you will want to roll the blood between the hands in a slinky type movement. This should be done for 30 seconds.


I gained .4375 in 7 days for girth, it really works. Try this workout.


Thats crazy!!! Why wouldnt u want fast girth gains. Are u crazy?

Gains like that is wonderful esp. if u r struggling with gains for the girth on the shaft.

Like i said previously, whoever wants to gain girth fast, do the DLD Girth Busters!!!


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I've been looking for girth exercises, this is perfect.

My wife cannot handel too much more girth. I'm at 5.25 right now. She mentioned to me that if I got too much thicker, she wouldn't be able to suck me anymore:mad:

So I decided to try and obtain my length goal of 8.5BP (I might go for 8BP depending on how my wife takes it.) and see where that leaves my girth. If my wife can handel more girth then, I'll be doing these. Oh yeah baby. There's no stopping me now. :)

On talkng about girth, she said she could handel a little more But I've gained girth while gaining length so I don't want to concentrate on girth before length , because then I'll be shorter than I want.

This girth set sounds great.


4governa, I just gotta say WOW! Almost a 1/2" girth gain in only 7 days on that girth routine? I am a true believer in Penis Enlargement, otherwise I wouldn't be here, but still, I have a hard time being convinced of that much gain in that short of a time frame. I have no doubt that a girth routine like that will boost gains and I plan on trying it myself in the future. It' just what you say you gained over seven days seems kind of unbelieveable. Can you back these gains up?


I dont have the technology to post pics. But hey, i cannot convince u any other way but by what i say

i reaping the benifits guys, believe what u want, it works for me



I just did two sets of this combination bracketed by dld blasters with a-stretches and I really like it.
I plan to do some serious supersets later today.
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Originally posted by b1nzen48
Can you back these gains up?
i can back daddys girth gains up since he started these. it's thicker than my wrist.

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