i need help getting long..


I've been messing around a bit with this stuff for a couple of weeks, but i really need a good routine, or to know some good exercizes that will help me.

I am currently 6.5" EL & roughly 5.5" EG. My ultimate gain is to get to 8" plus EL, with a girth of maybe around 6". My LOT is around 8. Also I'm 20yo, if that's any signicance.

I'm a little confused about the LOT theory tho. Does a lower LOT mean gains that are quicker or slower, longer or shorter, what's going on there??

For now i want to really want to focus on length , in possibly the quickest time possible. Would 2 or 3 months be possible to gain 1.5 - 2 inches?? If i can't gain it in this short time, I'm willing to stick with it till i reach my goal.

If anybody could help me get longer, please do......:)

A good routine will be much appreciated.
Ok, first off welcome to MOS....As for your first question a lot of 8 is not that bad you still have some lig. work potential . The higher your lot the easier the gains , the lower the lot the tunica needs working and the gains are slower .
As for your gains question , the gains vary greatly from person to person ....I think you should just start a routine and whatever gains you see in 3 months be thankful for them .

And for a length specific routine I will let someone who is more experienced in gaining length help you with your routine .But for now, Until someone post you a routine just start doing kegals and do a 5 min.hot wrap to warm up and do basic stretches in every direction ....for maybe 15-20 mins. this will help you get started .And dont forget to do a hot wrap warm down .


I gotta tell you that your sign-in name cracks me up; one of the best I've seen.

Rather than attempt to devise a routine for you (I'm still pretty new and my current workouts are girth specific), let me suggest that you read this:


Important determing factors for gains, in my opinion, are dedication, intensity, and time spent.

Good luck:
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what can i say..mazda fkn roks!

yeh i may try something like DLD's first routine, and possibly incorporate some DLD 'A' Strectches/Blasters, and squat stretches too. Hopefully this should see some gains soon.

Any other suggestions would be awesome.


'A' stretches are so good. Definitely work some of those into your jelqing, but be careful and don't overtrain during the first three to four weeks.

Then you could ramp up to supersets.

Is this the 'squat stretch ' you refer to?

Quote from DLD's post 'Extreme Jump Start Program'

Morning stretch DLD Blasters (on the 50 5 sec/5sec sets do these in a standing position on the
keggle, on the reverse slowly squat down

Thanks: Dewey
Hey gov., You do the test to check it . It is listed here and at PP and thunders. Check it out and do the test .