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Lately, I've been beating myself up on how crappy my girth is. It IS crappy! I need to make it bigger, but I just can't seem to get motivated again to do the exercises. I get through about 5 jelqs and stop. Any advice?


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Dude, what happened to doing the cable clamp stuff? You were getting good results I thought?


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Originally posted by stillwantmore
Dude, what happened to doing the cable clamp stuff? You were getting good results I thought?
Yeah I was, but for some unknown reason I just stopped one day. I do care about penis enlargement and I know that sitting here saying "I wish I had more girth" isn't helping anything. Action, not words. I just need something to jump start my motivation again.

I remember when I first started this and saw my first gain, I did Penis Enlargement constantly (which may explain my awesome beginning results). I was hooked and I couldn't stop. Now I have a good length , but my girth is still lacking. I dunno why I can't get motivated for girth like I can for length . Like right now I'm tempted to go buy a BibStarter for length , but I wouldn't be doing anything for girth.

My original plan was to do length first and THEN girth, but I can't stand this. If I had never taken a day off from Penis Enlargement then I would be in the upper 8's right now BP (just an estimate). I have a feeling that if I do only length until I hit my goal and then start on girth, I'd just end up not doing it. Agh..



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5 jelqs? WTF Come one man you can do it!! What happened? I know you can do this man. Start edging a lot. You are wearing my Ring Of Power, that will help tremedously. That and edging are waht gives me my huge girth man.

Keep using you 4AD as well.
I don't want to sound guru- ish, but whenever I lack motivation for whatever, I get up first thing in the morning, stretch , do breathing excercises, then visualize doing those things that I want done that day. DLD will attest to the power of visualization prior to a Penis Enlargement workout, and I'm certain he would also agree with me that a mental picture in the morning of the things you want to accomplish that day will enforce you doing them. I have several things I want to do everyday, and in the morning I simply stretch , calm myself, breath and visualize myself doing each of them. It's powerful. You will do well with this practice.

I know what you mean about motivation....for me the key to maintaining any routine consitently whether it is working out, Penis Enlargement or anything else is to set concrete goals and to reward yourself when you reach them...

In this case your short term goal should be something related to working out hard however many days per week you do and not necessarily the size itself although that should be part of a long term goal....

It also helps me to think of a role model that I know is commited to Penis Enlargement and exercising consistently...I've kinda taken DLD as a role model and when I feel like taking the day off from Penis Enlargement or get distracted I imagine DLD and all the other people from the forum out there in the world doing their workouts and improving while I'm skipping a workout and remaining the same and it gets me JEALOUS (hahaha) and gets me to workout....I'm not a hater but the way I see it is if everyone else here is exercising and growing I want to be part of that party too and not be left out of the fun of having a larger

And remember nobody is perfect....we all have days where we miss our workouts the key is to not beat yourself up and just get back on track.....Good Luck
What I do is I've stopped thinking about gains, I just do my girth sessions and I feel good when my dick is pumped up after 40-45min of girth and then if I do gain I'm really happy but I keep on going, remember: often you gotto find your own way through things, what people say or what people do isn't going to help that much, only influence :)

and btw, my girth sucks more than yours and my length sucks more too! :blahblah: Keep up the work and in one year you'll look back thinking "damn, I really owe my life to hangh, I have a 12x7 dick now because of him:s"

over and out.
I`m about in the same situation.. I feel as I`m not gaining as I used to so I took a week off Penis Enlargement... Once I will clear my mind I will start once again, hopefully the next 2-3 days.
I lost my zeal and I hope I will feel fresh once again and reach my goal as soon as possible.
Good luck, man! You can do it.. Everybody here can...
ill admit the only reason im doin this is for the one here is doin this for themselves unlike exercise when people say they do it for themselves its to be in better shape and health and look better... but no one ( i think may be wrong ) does pe for themselves and no one i think about how many girls will be impressed when i show them this stick ..!!!!

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