I have eatin' like a pig but I still lose weight?!?!


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Jun 3, 2003
I have to be honest when I say that I have not followed my diet too cloely. I have kept up on the water and the general lack of simple sugars (mainly soda) but as far as food in general I have been really eating whatever I want whenever I want. I have not put too many restrictions on the food I eat so when I feel like fruit I have it, when I feel like chicken wings, I have it. I have found that restrictions cause my desires to skyrocket so I decided to abandon that method.

Allowing myself the foods I want really has a counter effect on my mental desires. Just simply allowing myself whatever I want has allowed me to make better decisions without having huge binges.

I have kept my exercise up to at least 3 miles of intense aerobics everyday.

So today I was very surprised to see that I actually lost weight. I expected a couple of new pounds from my eating habits but the scale was almost at an ever 200!
Feb 2, 2004
That's why most diets fail, is because it's no fun to restrict yourself from a bunch of foods you like and have to constantly will yourself to eat other foods.

The key I've read from a few books is to eat in moderation, never be starving but never gorge yourself on one meal. Sounds like pretty good common sense.


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Jun 1, 2004
If you hate running a lot and want to lose weight while maintaing as much muscle mass as possible, I've been reading a new cardio routine that I like a lot. I'm going to take it up as soon as I start cutting. (When I hit about 225 or my arms hit 18", whichever is first). It's called Max-OT Cardio and it's only 16 minutes a day! It's goal is to boost your metabolism like crazy by doing short quick and very intense exercises.

For example. Have you seen those long distance runners that do like the 10K's and stuff? Usually they've got this weird scrawny, yet flabby look about them. That's because after so many minutes their body is in a state of gluconeogenesis (def=make new glucose) and it's stripping your body of it's muscle as well as fat. In aerobic respiration (requiring oxygen) many things can be used to yeild ATP.
So the goal of Max-OT it to boost your Basal (base) metabolism so that it's eating away at your fat all day as you sit on your ass.

Of course you should watch your diet while you're on it, but don't starve. Give it a shot. If it works for you, great. If it doesn't, try something else. That's everyone's only option in fitness. Experimentation.

Here's the link: http://www.ast-ss.com/articles/article.asp?AID=97

HIIT is another good cardio workout.

If you weight train as well you will raise your basal metabolism because your LBathmate (lean body mass) will increase, therefore your body will require more to keep it fed. So weight training is a good idea. I actually do something very similar to Max-OT's weight routine as well. That's coincidence, so following that is a going to get you LBathmate gains, IMHO.