I have a full month of PE


Jun 6, 2004
Hi,im done with my first mont of Penis Enlargement.My penis now have a betther vascularizations,my veins looks biger,and my penis looks stronger.In flacid state sometimes my penis looks fatter and biger but on the ruller i dont see any changees.I manual strech 25 min/session,i jelq 25 min/session.I will continue to make this exercises because i like to do them and i want a biger penis,I hope results to come soon in the apropiate time.Is this true that many Penis Enlargement'rs begin to grow just after a period of 5-6 weeks of Penis Enlargement?I have read that somewhere,Is it true?Bye,have a good day or night ya all.

Sith Master

Jun 25, 2004
You should have seen gains by this time already.

My workouts weren't as hard as yours and I gained pretty fast my first month.
Apr 18, 2004
Many men make a quick burst of gains at the begining. If your penis looks bigger, it probably is. I know everyone says go by the ruler, but anytime a ruler comes near my penis, it instantly starts to go limp. I have to work pretty hard to get an accurate measuring. I have to be in just the right mindset to get to my hardest hard-on and then stay that way long enough to measure. Funny, isn't it? I am not so much ashamed of my size -- at 7.5, I know it's respectable -- but I get anxious about seeing gains every time.
Sep 29, 2003
Everyone is different. Asking how long growth will take or how fast others gained is pointless. Sorry to be harsh, but this is a little tough love. Listening to others and assuming you will be the same could easily lead to demotivation, despondancy and quitting Penis Enlargement.

Bottom line, if you keep Penis Enlargement'ing you will achieve your goals. Period.

And congrats on your first solid month of Penis Enlargement :) Good habits will form just as quick as bad and you have integrated routines into your life now that will have a lasting positive impact :):)
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