I gotta question and i need some of the vets to help me out

Jun 13, 2003
I love watching porn,and in this one porn i was watching with my lady the guy had to be 10 easy in length .What i noticed though was that the space(no i'm not gay)between his ass and his nuts stuck out like a dick.In other words it looked like his balls were'nt the end of his dick,it looked like he had more shaft under his balls.Since i started pe i noticed my balls inflated a lil(always had big balls)and that the space in between my ass and nuts expanded a lil and gets hard when i get erect.Is this part of the inner penis red was talking about?I also noticed when i rub that space and the tip of my dick head at the same time my dick throbs like it still wants to grow more.What is that space directly under ur balls?


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Jun 3, 2003
I know what ya mean son.
Its the ??? I dunno :p the tube thing under ya cock....well its connected to it.....its the internal part of the penis and it has more blood flow now in it....plus your kegels have helped with it being shown more.

I bet ya that guy u saw has done pe.


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Jun 4, 2003
I have that too, not so much to where it looks like my penis doesn't end until my asshole, but there is a bulge. When I notice this I do some BTB (behind the balls) jelqing just because I feel the need. :)