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I gained 1/8 inch in erect girth and 1/4 in erect length (bone pressed) y'all!!

this is sweet news!! Yes this stuff works quickly...well after a matter of 3-4 weeks or so (that's how long I've been at it)

I double checked to make sure....it's been sticking

What's really cool is that my long term goals are 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth in two years...this I think is reasonable and I didn't want to set myself up for failure.

I'll tell you right now, you've gotta really really want it. It's almost totally in the mind for me....I just keep visualizing me with a humongous schlong

keep at it guys!! These forums are the greatest gift to mankind in the last couple centuries...maybe ever who knows??

good luck to you all, don't give up........ever.
Nice gains well done, nothing quite like a gain for the motivation.
What is your routine .

Your right about the forum aswell.


Welcome akresia, congrats on the gain. More to come, I agree, this ste is the best invention since the light bulb..... MoS Rocks.


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oh yeah, shoot I forgot to post my routine on here.....oh well here it goes, it's pretty basic but I hope it helps

1). warm up (hot wrap /shower ) 10 minutes

2.) 70 kegels, squeezed on the last five

3.) 30 minutes of manual stretching in various directions, I actually incorporate a lot of my old gymnastics training into this...so if I'm in a butterfly or psoas stretch , I'll grab my dick,,,gives a pretty good stretch !!

4.) more kegels (70-100)

5.) 500 wet jelqs (I'll probably increase by 100 next week) I also jelq on my knees for better circulation and I jelq in all directions

6). delay and harden exercise: this one is newer to me in the last couple weeks...I believe in this forum they call it "edging". I get a rock hard erection, then I masturbate until I almost cum, but instead of cumming I squeeze it really really hard at the very base starting at 10 seconds and adding 10 seconds each time...it's rough but I'm up to a minute and 20 seconds now...

7.) cool down/ wrap /shower

8.) VERY IMPORTANT: I meditate for at least 30 minutes before I go to sleep or when I have spare time...this helps me visualize the cock I hope to attain. Also, while I'm stretching I imagine my dick is made of putty and I visualize myself pulling it to the floor and to the ceiling....stuff like that. But it seems to help

9.) I also do all kinds of PC and kegels throughout the day...working, sitting, eating....wherever I have time.

I work at stretching everyday (when you stretch your legs for splits for example, you have to do it everyday) I jelq 5 - 6 times a week.

hope this may help someone!! I make it very intense and I actually believe in "no pain no gain" theory ........to a point. Do it till it hurts "the good way"...

oh, sounds cool man :)

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