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Nov 25, 2003
I posted this today over at 🙈.

"Hey Guys,

I use the self adhesive Ace Bandage, I think we forget sometimes that everyone doesn't have a Wal-mart. My experience with using this product as an ads goes as such.

1. I pre wrap using a thin cotton cloth about 3 feet long.

2. I pull my skin forward right behind the glans to form an anchor so that my pre wrap doesn't eventually ride over my glans and slide off, causing me to lose my stretch .

3. I pre wrap from the glans all the way down the shaft and then, continue to wrap 2- 3 times behind my balls continuing to the front of my base. I hope I didn't confuse you all. ( grab the base of your penis and full ball sack in your hand and pull down) Then continue the wrap around this whole base area. This will pull your whole package penis, sack, and ligs away from your body.

4. Where the wrap material stops I take a small 5 inch piece of self adhesive ace and use it like tape to hold the wrap in place.

5. Now here is where it gets tricky but it is well worth the trouble. Take your bib or other hanging device, and put it on using a 5 pound weight, or enough to cause a good stretch .

6. Your whole package should be fully stretched balls and all. Now take your self adhesive ace and wrap your whole package including behind the balls. So depending on how long you are already your sac should be almost flush with your shaft because of being wrapped. (please don't wrap your whole entire ball sack up too. They should still be hanging out.)

7. The end result should be all of your shaft and a lot of your base area being wrapped. Your base should have been stretched enough by the bib that you can wrap it also. This will give you that extra stretch instead of just wrapping your shaft alone.

I need to get a digital camera A.S.A.P.

Jman give that a try. You should find that your stretch is now 1/4 to .5 off instead of an inch or two.

Hope that helps guys."
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