hurts like a bitch


Mar 15, 2004
Hey guys, I have taking a week break or so to let what I think is a thrombose vein heal (it feels like a hard vein), and the other day in the shower I took off my ROP to wash it and I noticed alittle pain in where the latex goes over the top of the penis when wearing it, kind of where the penis meets the body on the top. so I felt it a little and noticed a hard vein like thing there too but this one had a tiny little bump on it that hurt when i touch it or stretched my penis. I don't think it is caused from the ROP i just noticed it when I took it off. Could this be a thrombose vein too? My other ones didn't hurt but this one hurts when I touch it!!! What should I do? anybody else ever have this. It feels like a little indention on the vein and then raises up to a little bump on the vein and it is hard. any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!