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Why Some Women Lead Guys On - How to Spot the Warning Signs

They're All the Same - Master The Unexpected

She Can't Play A Player


"A reputation for honesty gives you the cover
to practice all manner of deception." - unnamed con-artist.

IT HAS TAKEN A LONG TIME for this subject to finally make it to print. She is the woman in the Tarantino movie From Dusk Till Dawn, standing atop the table in the tavern of outlaws, swaying in a cobra-like dance to a rhytHydromaxic and exotic beat. And like a deadly cobra entranced by a musician's tune, she has no control over what she does. It is her instinct. She has brought down some of history’s greatest leaders; empires have crumbled, monarchs have fallen into chaos because of her presence. She knows the male mind, the male ego, and she’s known how to control it since time began. She senses her power, her command of male attention.

She’s scandalous.

And in today’s world, she’s caused the fall of a few hardcore players from a state of grace.

This isn't a normal female. You may be a Leo DiCaprio or even a Brad Rowe, but still, the moment you've shown any attachment or affection, you’ve already lost, and soon she’s on to the next sucker. She has an inner need to be wanted by all, yet possessed by none.

She’s out there. She knows exactly what to say to find your soft spot. The truth is, if you’ve got any game whatsoever, she sees you for being a male who's full of himself (like we all are) and she wants to cut you down for the thrill. Whether you’re a high-powered politician or just your average night clubber.

It’s about time we recognized her for what she is.


Giovanni Casanova had a reputation for seducing women and, over time, he used his reputation to seduce even more women. Casanova was a living legend, and women who had heard of him became interested to find for themselves what made him such a heart-throb.

Casanova was smooth.

Let's turn the tables. What if Casanova had been a woman who had a reputation for seducing guys? Would guys have become interested to find out what made her so good at it? More than likely not. If you're a girl with a nice body and a pretty face, it's not hard to seduce a guy. No mystery there.

So there's a difference between smooth players and scandalous women. Don't try to understand one by relating her actions to the other. They're not the same. Both have different motives and methods of operation. A scandalous woman wants to be liked and pursued by lots of guys, while a smooth player just wants sex with lots of women. He could care less whether they like him or not, or whether they even pursue him. In fact, for the most part he'd rather they didn't pursue him because he prefers to do without the drama. For scandalous women, it seems it's otherwise. If she can get a guy to cause drama, then she goes away satisfied that she had an effect on him.

We talked with a scandalous woman recently and asked her questions in regards to her opinion of guys and relationships. One comment she made that really stood out was, "Why do guys have to fall so in love?"

Read that again. What is she saying?

She's saying that she's scandalous and she doesn't even realize it.

Some guys may "fall so in love" with her because she gives them the illusion early on that she's the right girl for them. She tells them things that every guy wants to hear. "You're mysterious." "We're compatible." "You're so big." She leads them on, then suddenly she's gone, and the guy feels a strong desire to have her back. Guys become attached because they are blinded by optimism and their pursuit of ideals. In other words, they think that this woman could be "the one." They don’t read the subtle signs women give; they don’t look for the clues behind what women say. This woman has no intentions of sticking around and yet the guy ignores the fact. It’s the old saying, you want what you can't have. For most guys, all this causes is anxiety. But if they can understand that it’s their male instinct to pursue a female maybe they can overcome it and keep control.


Scandalous women are good at what they do because they don't necessarily realize what they're doing. That is, they don't understand that it's because of their frequent mood swings that they go from one guy to the next. They don't have to put on an act. It's their emotional processes that determine their actions. If you want to make a scandalous woman curious, she needs to find you a little mysterious. To make her interested, you need to seem like a challenge. To make her want to seduce you, you need to appear innocent. And to make her bored with you, all you have to do is be predictable. This isn’t true for most women because they usually have good intentions in regards to relationships. But we're not talking about most women here - we’re talking about the scandalous ones.

Your actions will determine her moods, which she has little control over. You're a new toy, and the moment she's tired of you, she's on to the next. Her interest is strong early on, but will soon wane, and will wane quickly.

At this point the reader has a decision to make: Stop reading now after having learned the lesson that these women are better off avoided, or continue reading and learn what it takes to be a true American Gigolo and turn the tables on them. Before reading on, though, consider the consequences: You are about to learn some of the top psychological tactics that separate the guys that get played by scandalous women from the guys that don’t.


You've met a girl that you really like and you think that you're interested in something long term. But she has a reputation for being high maintenance and at the same time, you recognize signs that maybe she's a little scandalous. If she is scandalous, then you need to approach things on the offensive with a mind set that to have the advantage, you can't let yourself develop any feelings of attachment or affection. Not for a while. She's the one who has to develop these feelings if you want things to go anywhere.

Effective courtship truly depends on having a strategy. The guy that goes into it blindly stands a good chance of going down. To be successful at the dating game, you have to pay attention to the opposite side, at the same time keeping an eye on yours. For example, and as stated above, if you know that showing too much interest early on will generally turn a woman off, then you need to make sure that you don't show too much interest.

Early on, if you know a woman's scandalous, you have three choices to make:

Play it safe and blow off any thoughts of getting with her.

Go into it knowing that she's scandalous and don't expect anything else.

Teach this girl what being scandalous is all about.

Let's explore Option 3. We'll set the tone with the following quotations:

“Coercion creates a reaction that will eventually work against you. You must seduce others into WANTING to move in your direction. Soften up the resistant by working on their emotions, playing on what they hold dear and what they fear." “The mirror reflects reality, but it is also the perfect tool for deception: When you mirror your enemies, doing exactly as they do, they cannot figure out your strategy."

- The 48 Laws of Power, Penguin Putnam Inc., 1998

So we need to break her psychology down and understand how she thinks and views the world: What do we know about her? We know that she's scandalous. We know that the majority of the guys that she "plays" fall for her game. We know that she wants to be pursued by guys. And we know that she’s under the delusion that the world revolves around her.

How do we use this to our advantage? By reminding ourselves at every opportunity that we know what she's all about. The trick to coming out ahead of her is to not let your male instinct generate any feelings for her. Your male instinct wants you to propagate and have offspring and it wants you to have a mate that can raise these offspring. "Love" is a strong emotion generated by your male instinct to make you want to provide for the female so that she'll raise your children. You need to control your instinct and the first step is recognizing it for what it is. At the first signs that a woman is taking up your thoughts, realize that you’re beginning to lose control to the animal inside you and put it in check. Early on, let her make all the major moves. Act laid-back and professional at all times. You've heard of girls playing hard to get? You need to play hard to get. Remember these four words at all times. Don't show any affection. Flirt, but not much. Talk to her. But not much. The initial impression that she's making of you is that you're different than most of the guys she's been with because you don't seem to be falling for her game. Psychologically, it's hard for her to read your motives, which creates a little mystery, and therefore a challenge. What's interesting is that she's not thinking of the words "mystery" and "challenge" as she's getting to know you - instead she's being driven by an emotional process that she doesn't quite understand. You're the musician and she's the cobra and as long as you give off a rhytHydromaxic vibe she'll move to the flow. But the moment you fuck up the vibe , the spell is broken and once again she's a deadly viper.

While playing hard to get can work wonders with women that play hard to get (you're using the Seducer's Mirror, which you'll learn more about in a later chapter) in reality playing hard to get (if you do it right - not too little and not too much) can work wonders with all women. Start off by showing a little interest - then back off and make her come to you. When she comes to you, show interest again, then back off. Learn to read the situation. For example, if you're in conversation - whether in person or on the phone - when you're about to part ways or you sense that you're carrying the conversation on for too long, decide to leave abruptly. Make up a sincere reason to be somewhere else and then leave or hang up the phone. Early on in the courting process, do this at every opportunity.

Not many men can effectively take women for granted, and, not surprising, it's the ones that do that are pursued by women. Women see a man who take women for granted as a challenge. So if you give a woman your full attention early on, if you go out of your way to be nice, if you call when you say you'll call, she'll realize that she doesn't need to pursue you. The thrill of the chase is gone. You're unworthy.

Average looking women with low self-esteem tend to end up with average guys. It's the really attractive women, the fine women with high self-esteem, for the most part, that end up with guys whom they see as challenges. Guys with money. Guys with status. Guys with looks. Guys who are ASSHOLES.

And average guys who can take women for granted.

You're an average guy and you like her. Keep that to yourself. Early on, never bring up questions about her feelings for you or your present "relationship". And if she brings these kinds of questions up, change the subject. By doing so, you tap into her imagination, psychologically placing yourself on a pedestal, and make her wonder. There are many different moves you can use to effectively "take her for granted" and we will eventually go over these in a later chapter.

In the end, it's not hard to be considered a "challenge". Pay attention to the little things. They all add up.

When it comes to a woman who might be high maintenance (scandalous), keep backing off and make her keep coming to you. That's the basic system to it, and it's the same system that clever women have been using since the dawn of time to make guys fall for them. Remember that the next time she says she's going to call and then she doesn't. Then remember to never give her the opportunity to say she'll call - tell her that YOU WILL CALL HER, and be sincere, and then DON'T call. Wait a couple days, or whatever you think is called for. Situations vary. Psychologically, the more a woman (or anyone) wants something, the more it will elude her, and the more she'll chase after it. In your case, the longer this process carries on, the less willing she will be to give you up once she thinks you're "caught".


True shyness has no part in your act. You’ll often get ahead though, by being able to fake it. At this point, it’s no longer shyness but an offensive weapon: By showing shyness, you give off a sense of innocence, which for some scandalous women is too hard to resist. There is something about your innocence that draws them in - they think that they have something over you and it gives them a sense of power. And for some people, power is addictive. One way to drive a scandalous woman mad goes like this: Put on an innocent act whenever you’re around her, and then when you finally get with her, continue afterwards to act innocent. This whole time that you’re acting innocent don’t show any feelings of attachment or affection, even after getting with her on more than one occasion. None. Absolutely no feelings.

If you do this right, you can seriously cause this girl to become obsessed with you. Because she can’t explain your lack of feelings. You begin to overwhelm her thoughts. You’re innocent - she therefore assumes you’re naive - and she thinks that you should have had feelings for her developing since day one. Like every other guy before you. But instead of any feelings, you’re untouchable - it’s almost a dark side. You’re showing the signs of a hardcore, cold and calculating manipulator, and the more she thinks about it - she gets thoughts that you’re a ruthless player - but then she realizes that there’s no way you could be a ruthless player - you’re too innocent. . .

Innocent yet untouchable can be an extremely effective combination.

In politics and war, mind games like the one above have been used for centuries to strike terror in the hearts of adversaries. And like adversaries that are kept in suspense, you’re keeping her guessing because she can’t predict what you’re going to do next. Unless she’s got the sense to go with Option 1 and “play it safe and blow off any thoughts” of getting with you, in the end this girl will never be able to approach another guy without recalling the time that innocent and naive guy turned out to be the most ruthless player she’d ever met.


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Hey, this is a cool post! Did you write this DLD? Where can we get more???

DLD, I have the actual book copy of their guide...and I tell you, it's a pretty good book on improving your "game" with women (with none of those canned lines/hypno junk bs)...

Now, if I did that, then you would not only have a bigger dick than me... you would also be able to pick up girl's like me...

Peace rofl :p rofl :p
It is all copyrighted, although I think that that article was "cleared" as a "freebie" to show the quality of information they've got and to make more sale's... I could be wrong though, and your just an unethical, copyright infringment, thief of a bastard-bitch criminal!!! :mad:



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This garbage actually got published??? Damn. Whoever wrote this "book" writes at an 8th grade level.


You don't need brains to be succesful with women.All you need is to love yourself and no care about what women think about you.This articles outlines this pretty well.


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Naw, I'm just saying that because a friend of mine is writing a book right now (non fiction) and will be trying to get it published. He's going through great pains to make sure his grammar is correct and his sentences are constructed properly. I thought editors have high standards, ya know?
A lot of these "dating" books are written real rudimentary an' shit, which makes me wonder who publishes this stuff. Or maybe the author has a lot of cash behind him and the books are "vanity published"?
lol girls are easy. I have a nack to watch and read people with only seeing them for a short while. Once I see habits, likes, dont-likes, etc, I can map people pretty easy too.

This applies to girls. I only play a monogomous 1-woman game now, gotta rep to keep and dont want folks to get into my business. Once Im out of the house soon since Im 18 now, Ill put all my tricks to the test. I am also a pretty steriotypical alpha male - funny/confident - and am just known as a joker by my peers.

#1 thing I can say about girls is, the location and type of person you appear to be is exactly the kind of girls you will attract. Go looking for girls at bars, don't expect to find "the one". If you give off a shy indecisive personality, that is when the scandalous caniving women come.

So when it comes to women. Biggest things to think about are, what appearance are you giving off at first glance/meet, same for them, and where you meet them. Sometimes where you meet them has little bearing such as malls, stores, etc. Typical places. Clubs, bars, hobby/lifestyle-specific locations, can tell a lot, though.


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Godsize said:
Naw, I'm just saying that because a friend of mine is writing a book right now (non fiction) and will be trying to get it published. He's going through great pains to make sure his grammar is correct and his sentences are constructed properly. I thought editors have high standards, ya know?
A lot of these "dating" books are written real rudimentary an' shit, which makes me wonder who publishes this stuff. Or maybe the author has a lot of cash behind him and the books are "vanity published"?
What is the subject matter of his book? He may be better to self-publish, depending on what type of book it is. I could tell you if I knew just a little bit more.

Getting published is usually like a band with no connections or fame in the line-up getting signed by a major record label. It's purely luck, all too often.

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