How to make your own tugger, with photo.


Nov 24, 2003
1.Penis EnlargementT Soda/water bottle, it must have a narrow tapered neck so 250/500ml bottles are best. A cap with a drinking nozzle is best as it is a cone shape.
2.Silicon sealant (food grade if you are worried).
3.Piece of string, shoelace, cord about 1 foot, strong enough to take weights and thick enough to make a good knot.
4.Weights or ADS attachment.

1.Take the movable nozzle off the cap (you may need a pliers).
2.Bore a small hole in the middle of the cap just large enough to fit the string through.
3.Feed the string through the hole and tie a few knots in the end so it cannot be pulled through the cap from the outside. Cut off any excess frayed string from where the knots are. Pull the string firmly so the knot is lodged tight in the inside of the cap.
4.Fill the inside of the cap with silicon sealant and smooth it into a slightly dished shape at the bottom where the glans will fit. Smoothing can be done with an old knife or wearing latex gloves or a plastic bag on your hand. Now cover the outside of the cap in a thin layer of silicon. The nozzled cap has ridges but is roughly a cone shape so try to smooth the silicon into the gaps of the ridges to make a cone shape. A regular cap will be harder to form into a cone shape. Leave it to set a while. After it has set a bit put another layer on the outside and try to smooth it out. Make sure the entire cap is covered in silicon especially the rough edge at the bottom of the cap. Let it cure for 24hrs, you don’t want it stuck on you for good!
5.Cut the neck from the bottle as close as you can to the top, best done with a hacksaw or serrated knife as a blade can slip or cut unevenly. Now cut it about 1.5” down the bottle so you end up with a cone shape, cut more than 1.5” if you wish as it can always be trimmed later. Now cover the inside of this cone with a thin layer of silicon. Let it cure for 24hrs.
6.Tie a loop in the end of the string. The loop must be big enough for the cap and outer cone to go through. It must not be a noose so the best way to tie is to fold the string back on itself about 4-5” and then tie a normal knot with the doubled up string to form a loop.
7.Feed the outer cone onto the string, then feed the weights onto the string and pass the tugger and outer cone through the loop so the weights are held in place without need for s-hooks. It could also be attached to an ADS style leg attachment.
8.Peel back the foreskin and push the tugger cone firmly against the glans. Roll the foreskin back up onto the tugger cone.
9.Now push the outer cone into place over the foreskin and gently let the weights down.

Pictures can be seen on the commercial tugger site. If the cones don't fit right you can add more silicon. A larger bottle can be used, it just means adding a thick layer of silicon inside the cone. I can comfortably hang 8lb with mine. This is a vacuum device so blisters are possible at higher weights. I have used mine for an hour at a time, there is no worry of loss of circulation to the glans but the foreskin may need blood especially at higher weights. I take the outer cone off every 20mins to ensure it has blood.



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Dec 5, 2003
You cheap bastard!LOL Man thumbs to you, thats really cool, how does it work?


Nov 24, 2003
Supra- hehe just realised you are Mr. Tugger! so obviously you know how it works. Your thread is the reason I made my tugger in the first place, thanks for shouting about its merits, they are brilliant devices.
I must add that transparent silicon is the best to use as you can see if you have put it on evenly on the cap. Also when it is on the outer cone you can see which parts of the skin are under the most pressure as it forms a distinct white line. You can add more silicon to the other spots to even out the pressure on the skin more.

Now what I want is a device to strap it around my waist rather than down the leg as a discreet ADS


Nice Contribution man, for now if i am to Make an attempted effort with Fr im gonna using Simple plastic cling film!
See ya.

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