How To Make Love to a Woman: A Womans P.O.V.


Jun 3, 2003
How To Make Love to a Woman
by Sue Van Atta

Sex. Hot, juicy, wonderful sex.

As humans we are designed to love it - some evIntroduction Sex. Hot, juicy, wonderful sex. As humans we are designed to love it - some even worship it. The experience of a successful love-making session is without comparison. It leaves your heart pounding, your mind flying. Under your determined touch you can make a woman scream, cry, beg - for you and you only. A good sex life makes you happier and more energized. The act itself blesses you with the extreme vitality of life racing through your veins. But, there might be failures: the condom breaks while you're putting it on - or she never seems to get wet enough to put it in. Making love is meant to be a beautiful experience, but sometimes it is not so. What makes a man a poor lover? The opposite of what makes a man a good lover. Don't get your information from TV and magazines - get it from me, a woman who knows - a woman who loves to teach. A repertoire of positions or 'moves' and the general area of woman's clit are not enough. Honey, you can rub that thing until you're blue in the face, but that won't bring a woman to orgasm.

The key to loving a woman is focus and timing.

Take it slow - so slow it hurts. It is rare that a slow pace will bore a woman. And often it is that rushing alienates her. You have heard for years now that a woman wants to be loved, not fucked. Take your time and really enjoy every individual sensation. That is how women do it. You need to learn how to listen to a woman's body. It will tell you what she wants, just like yours tells her.

I had my first on-line sexual experience years ago with a delightful man of 20. I had been chatting for over six months, but never considered "cybering". He and I met in a chat room and spoke daily for hours. One day, he kissed me. I was so amazed at the real physical feelings this generated in me! My nipples hardened and I felt myself getting wet - just from one kiss! And a virtual kiss at that. This young man knew the importance of taking it slow, of romancing me. Day after day we would talk, and kiss. Then came the day when he took me further. With his arms around me, his lips on mine, his tongue in my mouth, he pushed me gently down onto our bed. I wanted him so much now, but he kept our pace slow. Kissed my neck, fondled my breast. Eventually we removed our clothes and he spent long moments drinking in the beauty of my naked flesh, while I admired his hard cock and smooth skin. I reached up and pulled him down on top of me while we continued playing with each other's tongues. I loved the hardness of his cock pressing against my pubic hair.

Without breaking our kiss, he reached down and guided
his cock into my wet pussy.
This was a man who knew what he was doing!

Later, when I asked him where he had learned how to please a woman such as myself, he told me of his past girlfriend. How she was as inexperienced as he, and of how they had fumbled together, finding out finally where each piece went. Since then, he had sought out women older than himself and learned as much from each of them as he could before moving on to the next one. . . . which brings us to the question: What is Sex, anyway? Contrary to popular belief, sexual sensations are not based in the body. For most women, sex is in the mind. A woman needs to get fully in the mood first, or it will not matter how you tweak her body. If you think you could use some help, read on. If not - well, I would still recommend you read this because it will make you feel good. I promise.

The first thing of importance is timing and pace. Women want, and need, it slow. Men are in a hurry to get to the 'good part', but that is never going to get them laid on a regular basis - and you know you want that - again and again and again. So, why not learn to indulge in sex on a more psychological level yourself? The goal of sex is not the orgasm. The goal of sex is ecstasy for both partners. Do not feel the need to work towards an orgasm, and do not loose your confidence if she doesn't come every time. The fact is, many women don't come as easily or as often as men do. If you can learn to control yourself, and learn to indulge in the intimacy and experience of sex, you can make her come, and maybe more than once.

In fact, sex does not even have to involve penetration. Surprise your woman by giving her nights where you simply worship her body. Find her every sensitive spot. Massage, brush, stroke, kiss, lick... her arms, between her shoulder blades, her legs, her neck, her tummy, behind her knees. You will find you can make her purr like a kitty by running your fingernails down her back or softly biting the skin of her thighs. The same old in-and-out will eventually become a boring routine.

Each sexual episode should be an individual experience
of exploration of and indulgence in sensual feelings.

If you're looking for the section on foreplay, there isn't one - because there really is no such thing as foreplay. The term foreplay' was invented by women trying to get some attention from their men before getting on with the 'real' sex, that good old in-and-out penetration. Real women see sex as one long experience of hot, wet feelings. Please do not fall into a routine! Learn to know what your woman wants and what your woman needs. Here's how to start.

Beginning Looks and Kisses

The first thing to meet should be the eyes. Looking into each other's eyes forms a connection to base the rest of the experience on. If you see fear or nervousness in each other's eyes, this can be addressed with a gentle smile. Only after this initial contact should your eyes move down to her mouth. Pause there to observe any tenseness or trembling. If she is scared, you can reassure her now and pave the way for a delightful experience. Pushing a woman in any way only leads to future problems. Take your time with her now and the rewards will be great. Many men rush past these first stages of intimacy because they are afraid to get emotionally involved. Unfortunately, women want to feel this from you. You must assure your lover that you are not looking for a *fuck* but that you want *her* in any and every way you can have her. Explore the feelings of each touch. Do not set a goal for the experience, do not attempt to push borders. This will only enforce them. Be perfectly content with what you get, and more will be given to you. Reassure her that just being with her makes you happy.

After the soft smiles, you get to touch her. MMMMMMMMMM, your naked flesh on her naked flesh - but not much yet. I know how it hurts but you have to give her time! Slowly take her hand and bring it to your lips, while continuing to smile into her eyes. Gently press your lips to the back of her hand, then turn it and press them again to her palm. It is likely that she will have closed her eyes by now so she can slip into the world of physical sensations and not be distracted by sights of her everyday world. Slowly place kisses up the inside of her forearm to the elbow joint. Kiss a bit longer there, but no tongue yet. As you finish kissing the inside of her elbow, bring her arm up and place it around your neck. If she doesn't move her other arm, take that one and bring it up around your neck also. Then you can place your hands around her waist and look at her lips again.

Her lips will quite likely be slightly parted by now,
signaling that she's ready for more.

If you sense she is holding back, kiss her cheek first. Then kiss the other cheek. Then her chin. Stop and look at her again. One thing I find immensely exciting is when a man has me in this position and rests his forehead slightly on mine, his lips a mere inch from mine so I can feel his breath, and the warmth of his skin. When he very carefully, almost unnoticeably strokes his lips against mine, my pussy gets wet. Do this to your woman and soon she will strain hungrily for your lips. Let her make the choices. Let her feel that she can trust you not to push her into anything. Then, finally, press your lips against hers and just hold them there. Feel the texture of her lips. Sense her reaction to your touch. If she craves your kisses, then it is time to move on.


This can be almost as awkward as getting the condom on. Women's clothing can be so complicated! As with everything else, take your time and be confident. A little fumbling is perfectly acceptable. Chances are she won't know how to unzip your jeans from that angle either. Break off the kiss and look down as you unbutton her blouse. As you slide it off her shoulders, kiss her again, gently, lovingly. Run your hands up and down her naked arms, enjoying her flesh as she enjoys your caresses. Caress her back, noticing if the hooks on her bra are in back. More women are returning to these back hooks, so your chances are good that it will be a back-opener. Kiss her neck, kiss her shoulder, trail your hands across her as you move around behind her. Kiss that perfect spot where her neck joins her shoulder. When my man hits that spot, my knees go weak.

After you un-hook her bra and slide it off her shoulders,
pause to admire her, just for a moment.

Then you can, and should, cup her breasts in your hands. You can skip down to the section on breast play to get the details. But for now, don't spend too much time on her breasts and nipples. The point is to get both of you undressed.

You should pay attention to where you are dropping her clothes, since many women are kind of picky about that. Lay them over a chair or dresser - not on the floor. They'll be out of your way also.

It's time to start shedding your things now. Kiss her, pull away, and smile at her as you remove your shirt and undershirt. Come back to her arms and kiss her again. This kiss should be long and deep. Play your tongue around her mouth, over her teeth. Enjoy the feeling of her naked breasts on the skin of your chest. This is what she will be thinking and feeling now. Hold her to you, but not too tightly. Women don't like to feel trapped by a man. Keep kissing while you revel in the feeling of her soft back under your hands. Back off on the deepness of your kiss as you drop your hands to her waist. Don't stop kissing her as you attempt to undo her jeans. It's nice if you can do it without needing to look, but don't fumble for too long. If they don't come undone soon, stop the kiss and look at what she's got. Unbutton and/or unzip them, but don't pull them down yet.

Go back to kissing. Try to sense how she is feeling. If she's pressing her body hard against yours, that's a sign to move things along. She may be giving you little quick kisses rather than long deep ones. In this way she's trying to tell you to take it easy, give her some more time.

Some women will be tigers,
ripping your clothes off and shoving their tongues
down your throat.
If you get one of these, enjoy her!

Match her pace but let her be the aggressive one. Strong women like this will let you know exactly what they want, when they want it and how they want it. A hint for you, she'll probably want it hard and fast.

The majority of women will remain passive while you're undressing them. If your woman isn't trying to get her hands down your jeans, take it slow. Give her time to relax and enjoy each new sensation. If she breaks the kiss off, smile into her eyes. Reassure her at every step. Start to slide her jeans down but be aware of her movements. If she seems accepting then kiss your way down her neck, chest, tummy. You can drop to your knees now and get those jeans all the way down. Stop again to look up at her. If she meets your eyes, smile. If her eyes are closed, you're making her happy. Kiss her tummy and cup her ass cheeks in both hands. Breathe in her scent and let her feel the heat of your breath on her panties. Without making it abrupt, stand up. Kiss her deeply and gently while removing your own jeans, kicking them away.

It is now time to move to the bed, but remember, as always SLOW and GENTLE. Urge her to sit on the edge of the bed and sit next to her. Keep caressing her back and shoulders with your hands at a moderate pace and somewhat lightly. Kiss her neck while you cup a breast. Roll a nipple between your fingers while you kiss her earlobes (be careful of the earrings). Kiss her mouth and play your tongue around hers. Kiss her harder, then give her a bunch of quick kisses all over her face. Ease her back until she's lying on the bed. Lay your body over hers. Hold her face in your hands until she opens her eyes, then smile and kiss her. Since she's only wearing her panties now, run your hands over her everywhere while you kiss her lips and neck. As your hands caress her legs, your mouth can spend some quality time on her breasts.

Breast play

Some women like their whole breasts cupped and squeezed. Flex your fingers and squeeze her tit over and over while you listen to her moans. Slide your hand down to just the nipple and rub your palm across it, feeling it harden. Take the nipple between your finger and thumb and roll it, then squeeze it lightly. If your woman moans and presses her body to yours, squeeze it harder. If she doesn't, drop that nipple and gently squeeze her other breast, the whole thing. Drop your hands and your face and gently lick each nipple, one then the other. Catch a nipple in your mouth and suck it gently while fondling the other nipple with your fingers. Many women like this as much, or more, than anything else, so take your time here and allow her to become fully aroused. If you do this right, you'll feel her nipples swell as they harden even further. One thing to try to keep in mind is that you should spend time equally on each breast. I just hate it when I get to feeling unbalanced because he's been sucking my right nipple for 15 minutes and not even touching the other one.Try moving your mouth from one nipple to the other somewhat quickly for a few minutes, then change things by sucking on just one nipple for at least a whole minute.

As with every other step of making love to a woman, each woman is different and each time is different. Personally, I like to have my guy occasionally bite a nipple. The intense surprise feels so good, at the nipple and in my pussy also. Many women are too sensitive for this, so don't bite until you've talked about it. Now is not the time to talk about it either. Save the talking for some time when you're both dressed. Also, nipples get very tender at different times of the month, so always be very gentle with your first touches.

Get firmer only if she encourages it.

After 15 minutes, more or less, of breast play, it's time to finish undressing. As always, start with her, and be slow and gentle. Run your hands gently up her legs until you reach the upper edge of her panties. Slide a finger from each hand under the edge of the panty on that hip and kiss her tummy just above the panty. Pull with both fingers, easing the panties down a bit and kiss the skin that you've uncovered. Do this again and again until you reach the upper edge of her pubic hair. At this time you should keep your fingers hooked under the panties, but move your mouth down over the panties and kiss her there. Breath out so she feels your hot breath through her panties. She may wiggle or moan at this, or she may become quite still. She's wondering what you'll do next. Every man and every woman has their own feelings about oral sex so I'll cover that in detail later on. For now, go ahead and pull her panties down over her butt and all the way down off her feet. Toss them in the general direction of the rest of the clothes, being careful they don't land on a lamp or a candle. Any interruption right now would certainly ruin the mood you have so carefully built.

You now have her naked, lying on her back in front of you, just as you had been hoping. Smile at her. Kiss her - everywhere - up and down the length of her body. Kiss her gently on the lips as your hands caress her legs. Kiss her lips more firmly as your hands run up and down her arms. Really, spend some time on this stage too, at least 15 minutes, moving your body on and off her body as you kiss and caress.

Somewhere along the way here, slide your boxers off and toss them aside. Go ahead and lay your whole body on top of her now and enjoy the feeling of your cock against her skin. Try not to hurt her, if she's much smaller than you, and make sure she can breathe. Kiss her. Kiss her for a long time. As you continue to caress her and kiss her, her legs will spread open to you. You'll feel how hot and wet she is, or isn't. Try to slide a finger into her pussy. This is a great feeling for the woman just by itself, but it will also allow you to judge how wet and excited she is. If she's not very wet yet, you need to get her there. Vaginal wetness is pretty much required for good penetration. If you're using a lubricated condom , her wetness isn't as important. If you're using a non-lubricated condom , she should be wet before you try to penetrate her. Most women will get wet from the kissing and breasts play so just keep doing more of that. You can try oral sex, if you both seem comfortable with that.

Man to Woman oral sex

A man's mouth on my pussy is one of the most delightful feelings in life, and one that can't be gotten any other way. Since you're already lying on top of your partner and somewhat between her legs, just slide your body down hers. Trail your hands down her tummy and kiss her every few inches. She should know where you're headed. Kiss the skin just above her pubic hair. Kiss each hip and each thigh. Kiss the inside of each thigh.Press your lips to her pussy hair, feeling it with your lips.Lick her, right there, with your tongue. Push your tongue through her pussy hair until you feel skin. Keep your tongue wet and keep licking. If she has very thick hair, you can use your hands to separate it and find her clit and lips. Some women, like me, have large pussy lips. Mine often need to be pulled apart, even when I'm totally wet and stimulated. Use your fingers to gently pull her lips apart and then lick up and down her slit. Her clit, clitoris, is at the top of her pussy slit. The back ends somewhere before her asshole.

As you lick from the back to the front, your tongue will find her clit and as your tongue glides over it,
she will moan and possibly squirm.
Don't stop!

This means she likes it, not that she wants you to stop. You can run your tongue back and forth across her clit, or make tiny circles with it. There are so many things you can do to please a woman this way. I love the feeling of a finger or two pressing inside me while lips gently suck at my clit. Try a few of these variations and you'll feel her getting wet and ready for your cock. When you feel that the time is right, you must stop and put on a condom .

Putting on the Condom

With all the diseases out there, the ONLY fun way to have sex is WITH A CONDOM . Many young men now have never had sex without a condom . That was the case with one of my lovers. Being smart, he had always used condoms and we started out using them. After being together for two years, we went together and got AIDS tests. When both of us came up negative we had sex without a condom . He said it felt weird! We went back to using condoms, which is good since the relationship ended within a year and we were both with new, untested partners. He was very smooth with the condom . He had this really cute way of flicking the package away after taking the condom out, and I still have the package from the very first condom we used together.

Personally, I've never noticed a whole lot of difference between the different brands and styles of condoms, and I've tried them all, several times. If, as a man, you have a preference in condoms you might want to check with your partner and make sure she has no objection to your choice.

Those lubricated with nonoxynol-9 are good in many ways, since the nonoxynol-9 kills the AIDS virus, prevents pregnancy and provides lubrication .

Extra lubrication is always nice, especially since a dry pussy will cause the condom to break. However, some people are sensitive or even allergic to nonoxynol-9, which is why you may want to check with her ahead of time. If you're wondering, nothing works except a condom . You can't use a baggie or plastic wrap or anything. If you're spending a lot of money on condoms, then it means you're a lucky guy. Your county health department probably gives condoms out for free, as do any of the AIDS organizations in your town, so check into those options if the expense gets to be a problem. I have had lots of fun handing out free condoms as part of AIDS prevention and awareness. Most people blush when you try to give them condoms and that is just too bad. Condoms should be a sign of studliness. Don't slink into the drug store to buy them. Walk in and loudly declare that you need three cases of the extra large ones so you can have lots of sex!

Have the condom in a place that is easy to reach. It is usually easiest if you gently roll your partner off of you so you can use both hands. Open the package and put it out of the way. This next part is the hardest. You need to find out which way the condom is rolled. You can sometimes tell by looking, or by blowing gently into it and see how the edges go. If you're in total darkness you need to just try it. Hold the tip of the condom in one hand while rolling the rest of it over the head of your hard cock. If you've got it going the wrong way, it won't want to roll down easily. Take it off and flip the tip through to the other side, then try it again. You can either keep holding the tip of the condom and roll the rest of it down your shaft, or drop the tip and use two hands to roll it out evenly over the length of your hard cock. If you drop the tip to use both hands, stop once or twice while you're rolling it onto your cock and gently pinch the tip. You must leave some extra there at the tip for your cum. If you pull it too tight at the head, it is more likely to break. Roll it all the way down your cock as close to your balls as it will go.

Your partner may be willing or eager to help you roll that condom down over the shaft of your cock. It's a nice feeling for her too, and insures you stay hard. Be comfortable and easy however you do it. This is a good thing to practice at home alone, really. The guy who had the cute way of flicking the package away used condoms at home when he masturbated. Since he masturbated frequently, he was quite adept at sliding that thing on with a minimum of effort.


You are ready to go now! For the standard missionary position, the woman lies on her back with her legs spread. You can gently push her into this position. She may not know what you have in mind so help her.

If she's pushing you into a certain position,
just go with it and enjoy!

You are on top of her, face to face, with your legs between her legs. If you're sure you can stay hard, pause to kiss and reassure her again now. There can never be too much caressing and kissing, never. When you're both ready, reach down with your dominant hand and fondle her pussy again. Slide a finger or two inside her to make sure she's wet enough, and to tell you where to go. Slide your fingers out of her, hold your cock in that hand, and slide it in. MMMMMMMMMMM. That's what we've been waiting for, isn't it? Don't expect your cock to easily slide into her first try. Just get the tip in the right place, then push gently with your hips. As long as you've got your cock in the right place, it will go well. If you've got your cock head to the side, or if one of her pussy lips is in the way, you'll never get far. That's why you want to finger her first. You may want to keep a finger inside her pussy and push your cock toward your finger. If you don't get your cock in right away, don't worry. Women like this whole process, not just the penetration or the climax. Make every move gentle and caring and she'll be happy. Take a long time at each step of the way and she'll think you're an experienced lover, even if it's your first time.

Keep your thrusts into her slow and easy. If she seems to be pulling away from you at the deepest point of your thrust, pull back just a little. It means you're long enough that you're filling her past the point of comfort. Most often, your woman will push her pussy up against your cock as you thrust into her. This means she likes it, and she wants more. Go ahead and push your cock in as far as you can, but keep the place slow for as long as you can. Very few women will achieve orgasm in this position. She will get more pleasure from this position if she wraps her legs around your waist and meets your thrusts. Once you two are familiar with each other and ready to experiment, get her legs up over your shoulders when you're in this basic position. That will give you maximum penetration while you are on top.

Keep kissing her mouth and neck while
you slowly work your cock in and out of her pussy.

You can fondle a breast, gently pinch a nipple or two, run your hands over her arms, take her hands and interlace your fingers with hers. Never forget that making love is a whole body and whole mind experience. While it is nice to occasionally focus on the exquisite feel of her pussy around your cock, keep moving your tongue and hands over her too. You still need to listen to her body - that is the most important thing. You know you're going to get off, hopefully later rather than sooner. The concern for you is that she enjoys this as much as possible. If she grabs you tightly in her arms figure out what that means. Does she like what you're doing or does she want you to be more gentle? Her moans will also help you figure out what feels best for her. Except some women, like me, will actually get really quiet when we like what you're doing to us. So you need to pay attention to her silence also.

When you really can't wait any longer, whisper in her ear that you're getting ready to come. Most women don't really feel when you come inside them, and just stopping after you come is not nice. Hopefully she will come before you do, or soon after. If she doesn't, don't worry about it. You can make love again soon, in another position, or perhaps try oral sex, if you both like that. The variations are endless, and all are delightful. I know, I've tried them all - several times.

After you come, since you're using a condom , you need to pull out of her pretty soon. You also may want to roll off of her, if you're heavy. Make sure you hold the condom on your cock as you pull out!!! A spill now wouldn't be the end of the world, just messy. If you have a trash can near the bed, you can toss the used condom there and not have to disturb the cuddling. Used condoms do not need to be flushed down the toilet. In fact, they should not be flushed - they just muck up the plumbing. Put yours in the trash. If the closest trash can is in the bathroom, bring a warm wet washcloth back to bed with you and use it to gently wipe her pussy, and then your cock. Even if there isn't semen dripping out, I love the feel of this after making love and it is one more way to show her that you care about her and not just the fucking.


Now it is time for cuddling. Most men hate this part, but many women only have sex at all to get to this part. Start out by simply holding her. Put one arm under her head and the other over her tummy. Don't move around a lot, just enough to get comfortable, because this is going to last at least 15 minutes and should last an hour. Yes, an hour! If you stay cuddled for that long, you will, most likely, make love again. And you want that, right? If you've learned enough about making love to a woman, she'll want to do it again too.

Some women like to talk after sex, some don't.

You can encourage this by whispering things to her like "that was so nice," "thank you my sweet," or "you're so good." This will make her feel special and may allow you two some important communication. If she doesn't respond to your words, you can then remain quiet, but do try not to fall asleep. After 5 minutes or more of lying there, maybe whispering or maybe not whispering, you should "pet" her. This means touching her in various non-sexual ways. Try very gently and lightly running your fingers back and forth along her forearm, which is where your hand is from the arm that is across her body. After some of that you can pull that arm back so you can caress her hair. Push it gently back from her face, maybe tuck some behind her ear. Kiss her cheek lightly and quickly, then snuggle your head down against hers again. A few minutes later you should touch her again, perhaps just laying your palm flat on her tummy. Ask her how she is by whispering in her ear. Don't expect a real answer, she'll most likely just smile and nod, and you can just smile back. This shows her that you're still there with her, and not running replays of the game through your head. You can rearrange your body, either cuddling closer or moving slightly away, keeping her head on your shoulder or arm. If she does want to talk, pay attention. Keep your answers simple and caring. Many women need vocal reassurance now. Tell her she makes you happy, that you like the way your bodies are together. Trace your finger around her lips and tell her she has the most beautiful mouth you've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Gently nibble on her ear lobe and whisper a little moan. Now you can lightly run your fingers up and down her thigh. If she rolls towards you, pulling your bodies closer, she means she isn't ready to start making love again yet, that she still wants to be held. When that happens, hold her in both arms quietly for a minute or two, then gently rub her shoulders and caress her back. Give her some quick little kisses.

Now you have the option of slipping off to sleep, or starting it all over again. If it's night, she probably wants you to stay, and you should. Spending the night gives you time to have sex several more times. Midnight sex is nice and morning sex is great. Ok, all sex is great, isn't it? Good luck, use condoms, and have fun.


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Jun 13, 2003
This lady made an awesome post which is very useful for a real guy like us. Thank U. m gonna try somedae...


Jun 24, 2004
Thanks to whoever bumped this, I havn't gotten the chance to read this yet, but it was really good.


Feb 4, 2006
There is no magic formula. Some (read ALOT) girls expect to get fucked really hard and dirty, and want you to threat her like a piece of shit, some other needs to be emotionnaly evolved and wants you to be sweet and caring. It just depends on the girl and the situation... Fucking a kind, sweet, shy girl like if she were a nasty bitch is as inappropriate as "sweet-fucking" a nasty bitch who expect you to fuck the hell out of her...
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May 20, 2005
Breidablik said:
There is no magic formula. Some (read ALOT) girls expect to get fucked really hard and dirty, and want you to threat her like a piece of shit, some other needs to be emotionnaly evolved and wants you to be sweet and caring. It just depends on the girl and the situation... Fucking a kind, sweet, shy girl like if she were a nasty bitch is as inappropriate as "sweet-fucking" a nasty bitch who expect you to fuck the hell out of her...
Good point. And I would take that even further--you can't tell how to do a girl proper by what she seems girlfriend is sweet as they come, and she doesn't settle for anything shy of a good, hard fucking. When I try going slow or doing that romancing shit she wonders what's going on LOL


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Nov 15, 2005
I'm still trying to figure out what my girl likes... the more I go hard, the more she seems to like it, but dunno when it becomes too hard...

She is really shy though I just can't tell by her personality.


Feb 4, 2006
goldmember said:
Good point. And I would take that even further--you can't tell how to do a girl proper by what she seems girlfriend is sweet as they come, and she doesn't settle for anything shy of a good, hard fucking. When I try going slow or doing that romancing shit she wonders what's going on LOL
Yeah! We're screw! There is one chance out of two that we will look awkward and incompetent if we do what she doesnt expect. And on the other side, there is one chance out of two (probably more) that we will do exactly the right things without even knowing it, and be worshipped as "mind-reader" and "incredible lovers"... all this purely by chance! Damn woman! :s


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Feb 26, 2006
Slow is cool some times, but seriously my girlfriend likes it most when I pound the shit out of her for an extended period of time. She can't be just trying to get me to come quick(if she is, she's doing a shitty job, because I go for like 45 minutes on average.) I dunno, like it is with guys, it can't be the same for every girl.


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Jun 3, 2003
Okay, the BESTWAY to find out is to TALK to your partner and ASK her what she likes best. Use your communication skills to their best if your worries she might think your insecure about your own ability e.g why you ask.

I have always pounded the fuck out of ONE NIGHT STANDS, thats all they are fit for ... good grilling between the flaps ... thats it, just keeps ole tobbie in good shape.

Now if I have a serious partner, and at the moment I'm with a sexy Italian babe, I wont pound her into suBathmateission like I do the 1NS ... I cuddle her [clothed] and we play with eachother, I peel her clothes off and remove her thong with my teeth and worship and I mean WORSHIP her body from head to toe, lick it/kiss it/rub it/massage it etc etc etc

I do all that because I enjoy it, she does and that makes it so great before sex. After that I than pay more attention to her inner thigh and vagina, I eat her pussy for anywhere from 45 mins to 1 hour plus .... I love eating a nice tight pussy and she is soaking wet and moaning like a cat on heat when I have finished with her ... after that I get her facing me in a position that suits and enter her ... lick those hard nipples, and start to slowly fuck her ... I move speeds allot, from fast hard pounding to slow delecate movement ... from deep to shallow .... tease her with your penis head ... move it in and out and slap it on and between her pussy lips.

After I have fucked her good and she has cummed I cum inside her.

This isnt a guide for all woman, but I think most woman will like it and you can figure from it whne your doing it to her what SHE LIKES BEST and go from their ... my girl loves her pussy worshipped and than for me to fuck her at various speeds and strokes [must be the Italian in her :) ] also to talk dirty to her.

try it and see.


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Feb 26, 2006
Nah man, you're not getting my vibe , I love my girlfriend to death, I pound the fuck out of her and THEN I cuddle and kiss with her afterwards(and lick her to orgasm if she didn't from sex, because I'm considerate and also because I fucking love doing it.) Best of both worlds.

Sadly, I know I'm going to fuck this up somehow.
Feb 10, 2008
Good read. When do I get to enjoy myself? I love romancing girls as much as the next, but part of me can't stand how women are always in the judge's chair while the role of the man is to appease. I can't count how many times I pleased the fuck out of some girl just to cum half as good as when I jerk myself. Yes, I love the girl and her body, but it never seems incumbent on her to please me. Maybe I'm a selfish prick, (I don't think so, I always aim to please) but when does our culture shift to mutual pleasure, instead of this 'man pleases woman' paradigm. I'm sick of the woman being so demanding while she figures I'll just cum and that will be good enough for me.


Aug 21, 2007
Somehow I HIGHLY doubt that any woman would ever want the SAME exact thing EVERY single time. Whether they like it slow and romantic or a good, hard fucking and being treated dirty, from my personal experience women like BOTH, it just depends on the day and their mood. My wife absolutely LOVES to be worshipped, made love to and tantalized in every way, but there are also many times where she just wants me to fuck her into next year and to feel used like a dirty woman, especially when she's been stressed out and needs a good release of energy and endorphins. My suggestion is to experiment with EVERYTHING, ALL fantasies, as long as nobody gets hurt, ALL desires.

It has NOTHING to do what anybody else says about "how to make love to a woman". EVERY human-being is different, it's up to you and her as lovers to discover what each other likes or dislikes. It's really not that hard, just time consuming, but a VERY fun time-consuming activity. It's not just up to men to find out what women like, there are MANY things that men like or would like if they experimented a bit and we have the right to those more complex pleasures as well as women. So guys, don't sell yourselves short here, relationships are not even 50/50, they are 100/100. BOTH should be giving their all in every aspect of the relationship, ESPenis EnlargementCIALLY sexual.

All of this is my opinion and learnings from personal experiences. I believe there is no "miracle" way of giving a woman an orgasm, you have to learn their body, they have to learn yours. My wife has gone into convulsions and an astHydromaxa attack on MANY occasions from penetration alone and I'm FAR from being well hung.
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