How to Fake an Orgasm and How to Detect a Real Orgasm



Jun 13, 2003
From The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating and Sex by Joshua Piven, David Borgenicth, Jennifer Worick

Begin your vocal and physical ascent.
During sexual activity, start to make noise and move rhytHydromaxically.

Moan and cry out, building in volume and intensity.
You may say your partner's name over and over. Many people, in the thralls of ecstasy, will blurt out sentences or requests that are utterly incompressible: try this occasionally.

Move faster rhytHydromaxically and then increasingly "out of control."
As you approach (continued below)

"climax," increase the tempo of your movements, particularly of the hips. Add jerky movements. If you have not moved or vocalized much before you start to fake the orgasm, it will seem all the more fake, so you might need to fake enjoyment all the way through. (Note: If you do not usually move your hips during sex, try it. You may find it affects your arousal enough that you will need less faking.)

Contract your muscles
For many people, this is an involuntary side effect of an orgasm; the classic examples are toe-curling or fingers clutching the sheets. You might also arch your back, scrunch your facial muscles, or open your mouth wide.

5. Ratchet up the moaning and writhing in volume and intensity.

6. Culminate in a loud moan or cry.

Slow down immediately, tensing your body.

Relax, as if exhausted or spent.
Smile with enjoyment.

How to Detect a Real Orgasm
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Real orgasms are not always as theatrical and loud as fake ones. Some people are silent comers and do not exhibit many visible signs. Real orgasms tend to have some of all of the following elements:

Changes in breathing

Increased vocalizations

Intensified movements

Involuntary muscle contractions

A pink or reddish flush on the face and chest

Sweat on the shoulders

Pelvic muscle contractions
Be Aware

Be sure that you want to fake the orgasm. You will be sending your partner a message that you are enjoying the sex more than you really are. If your partner is an ongoing lover or spouse, think hard before giving him or her the impression that he or she is doing everything right when that is not the case. If you are enjoying a one-night encounter, consider why it should make a difference to you if your partner thinks you have had an orgasm or not.

Men can fake orgasms too, particularly if a condom is being used.

Do not accuse your partner of faking an orgasm if they are not demonstrative, spasmodic, and loud. Conversely, do not accuse your partner of faking if they display all the characteristics of a faked orgasm.


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Jun 18, 2003
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