How To Be A True Player



Jun 3, 2003
Chapter II:


It's All in the Attitude

Confidence is the Cream

Secrets of the Game

Down and Dirty - When all Else Fails

New Jack Hustler

Case Studies: These Words in Practice


WARNING! : Before we go any further, we just want to say that this book was written with the Single Male in mind, someone in his twenties to early thirties, and a probable follower of popular culture. We're not talking about popular culture as it originally came about - we're talking about popular culture as it exists today.

Let us explain: Since the early 90's, popular culture has taken a dramatic turn, starting with black culture rising up to take the music industry by storm with rap and hip hop. Performers such as Ice-T, Ice-Cube, and Eazy-E set the stage early on with lyrics rhyming of ghetto life and womanizing. Rap / Hip Hop has been an evolution. Shortly after Ice-T, Ice-Cube, and Eazy-E were on the scene, stars such as Dr. Dre, Snoop, and Tupac emerged. It was about this time that ghetto life and womanizing went truly commercial and rich white kids in Suburbia, USA, watching MTV and buying up CD's, started picturing themselves as living the life of the lives their favorite performers were singing about. Influential songs included Tupac's "I getta around," Snoop Dog's "Gin and Juice," among many others.

As a result of this widespread influence, much of rap and hip hop brought with it a change of values that has been slowly accepted over the years and is now shared by the majority. Those of us who were in are mid teens in the early 90's, now in our mid to upper twenties come 2003, can appreciate this fact. We've seen it and experienced it. We've experienced it in the change of fashions, in the change of social cliques, and in the change of the singles scene.

Because of this, we thought it only obvious that for us to publish a book regarding getting with women in the year 2003, we should also cover the view points and opinions that have emerged from black culture to influence much of the night scene, which is much related to being single. As the editor of this book (and as a writer for Club Planet -, I come across black culture on the night scene all the time - whether it's bumping into Gary Payton (Seattle Supersonics) and his groupies at The Aristocrat in downtown Seattle, or just showing up at a popular spot in San Diego to find Kid Rock doing a performance to a sold out club of college kids.

A lot can be learned from other cultures, and you're about to learn what it means to be a player in today's night scene and what it takes to get with lots of women. Some will find the following piece offensive; some will find it informative. The best advice we can give you is this: Learn from the attitudes that have emerged from black culture into today's night scene and how to adapt them into your own approach to women.

Rap / hip hop is traditionally no holds barred, and in many cases a "Parental Advisory" label has been slapped on resulting CD's.

The chapter that follows has been put together no holds barred.



YOU WANT TO BE A PLAYER. You're not interested in romance. You don't want a girlfriend. You want girlfriends. You want a little black book full of names of females that won't hesitate to come over at 2:30 in the morning and break you off something. Sure you could pick up any buckled beer whore at the local club, but you want better than that. You want a lifestyle full of hot women, wild nights, and the occasional menage a trois.

But you're afraid of rejection. You're afraid she's going to say no. Or worse, laugh at you. And so you never have the balls to approach an attractive woman. And so you never get laid. Except occasionally with Rosie Palmer and her five friends.

What's the problem? You're the problem. Your self-esteem sucks and you've got no confidence. Maybe at one time you had some confidence. But now it's gone. Confidence was what gave you game, but you picked yourself apart a long time ago worrying about all the faults women found in you.

That's one of your problems right there. You worry too much about what women think of you. Well, don't. They're JUST HOES.

Why should you care what some basket-case ho thinks?. . . Once you've realized this you'll have started to build up confidence. And now that you've started to build up confidence, you no longer need to worry about what women think of you. See the relation? It's what you think of yourself that determines whether you're a roach or a player. If you make yourself believe that you can get any girl to skin down, then guess what - you can get any girl to skin down.

Player's Rule # 1: Bitches ain't shit.
"This is for the G's, and this is for the hustlers. . . "


At a bar or nightclub, or most anywhere else for that matter, it all starts with eye contact. Strong eye contact ignites a strong emotional state similar to fear. Studies have shown that when you look directly into a woman's eyes, her body produces chemicals that spark the sensation of sexuality. Strong eye contact with a woman is the first step in making her want to get naked. It also shows power. If you don't look away after she first notices your attention, it shows her that you're confident.

After a few seconds of strong eye contact though, be ready for her to look away. This doesn't mean she's not attracted to you. Subconsciously, women have been raised to be suBathmateissive to men. After looking away, if the woman glances back again within under a minute, you can count on her more than likely being game.

Player's Rule # 2: If you stare long enough, you'll see right through her.

Your next step then is to smile and give her a slight nod, letting her know that you know what she’s thinking deep down. If you follow this simple little pattern, your next step then is to make your approach. And right now she doesn't expect anything less. You've got her quivering in her bar stool. From the high level of confidence you've already demonstrated by locking eyes with her, smiling, and then nodding your head, she doesn't expect anything less than for you to make an approach. Keep an eye on her body language - if she seems interested, she probably is. Don't hesitate, or another player's going to swoop down before you.


It's true. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your opening line needs to be delivered clearly and confidently and should relate to the woman or the present situation. This early on, your first words and how they're said are important because this is all she has to measure you up on. And if you can manage it, the less clever your opening the better. You can hit her up with a compliment. Tell her you like her necklace. There's probably ten things you could compliment her on if you look and think hard enough.

Women will tell you that lines don't work. We'll tell you that most women are wrong - the trick is making them think that you're not giving them a line. You do this by seeming casual and sincere. But some women, no matter how casual and sincere you are, will still turn you down. They do it to make themselves feel good. We call them "player haters." (More about "player haters" is mentioned further along.) Which brings us to. . .

Player's Rule # 3: Weed out the women that are game from the women that aren't.

This is a very interesting point to take into consideration. It helps you realize that even though you're this smooth, cool, confident fellow now, you're still going to experience the occasional rejection. It's like the sales profession. A successful person in sales knows that he may only have a ten percent buying market for his product. This means that the salesperson would have to pitch a hundred prospective buyers to get ten that actually buy. That's ninety rejections! The salesperson is successful though because this is what he expects. So if you ever get a drink dumped over your head, just remember Player’s Rule # 3 and take it in stride.

Player's Rule # 4: Ten Will Getcha Two.

Every time. Talk to ten women and you’ll get two that are game. Get ten phone numbers and two will eventually pay off.

When picking up women, you've got to be careful to mix up your lyrics from time to time because women each have their own personalities. (Or so they think.) Using different lyrics will also make you sound more sincere. And it's good to develop your own style. Your own style will set you apart from the other players who are on the same mission as you.

Contrary to popular belief, conversation with a woman you've never met is actually pretty easy. As long as you follow two simple guidelines:

Let her do most of the talking — this is accomplished by picking up on key words or phrases that she uses and then throwing them back at her in an effort to keep conversation going. Let her tell you about herself. Women love to think that the world revolves around them. She'll feel like a star. And the more you get her to talk about herself, the more you'll make her feel like a star. (But you know otherwise.)

Keep her eyes locked on yours — of course you do this by locking your eyes on hers. The moment she starts to lose interest in you her eyes will drift off to other things.

If this happens it probably means that she's getting bored with the conversation - maybe you took the spotlight from her and began telling her too much about yourself. Move quick to get her interest back. Either shift the conversation to reflect one or more of the key words or phrases you've picked up on that she's been using, or move on to another step. Like ask her to dance or offer to buy her a drink.

Except you don't ask her to dance or you don't offer her a drink. You're a player with a lot of confidence. You take her by the hand and lead her to the dance floor. You buy two drinks and place one in front of her. (This is also an excellent opening move.) She'll feel obligated to drink it. And if you get her to drink two of more, not only is she showing that she's interested in you by the time that she's spending in your company, but she's also getting buzzed.

Some women are worth getting with more than once. If you happen to find one of these "special" women, be sure to record her phone number, as well as where she works. Where she works is important to know because this reveals a little bit about her personality. To get far in the game, it's important to know which direction a woman's coming from. There's two basic personality types—"Easy" women, and "Not-so-easy" women. If she's easy, then all she needs is a couple of drinks and she'll be on her back. But if she's not-so-easy then it's going to take a few maneuvers.

Let's say for example that you meet a really attractive woman one evening, but no matter how many lines you throw at her, you only manage to get her phone number. So now what? Do you call her back the next day, panting like a puppy dog, and ask her for a date? Hell, no. You're a player. Give her the impression that she's nothing special to you. Wait a few days before you call her back.

Here's an act you can put on when you call:

When she answers the phone, purposely ask for a different woman. When she says you've got the wrong number, ask her what number you just dialed. She'll tell you her number and then you say something like, "I'm sorry, I meant (the woman's name)." Immediately follow this with, "I don't know what I was thinking. Your phone number's like one digit off of. . . (it's important to pause here for a second or two before finishing). . . my sister's."

Because you paused, she'll know that you're lying. But that's cool, though. That's what you want. In sales they call it "fear-of-loss." It's psychological. When you fear-of-loss a customer, it helps make him or her feel a need for the product. The same goes for women.

This tactic can also be used if all you have is the woman's pager number. Page her, and then when she calls back, act like you think it’s some other woman by calling her a different name. For example, let’s say you page a girl named Lucy. When Lucy calls back and asks if someone paged, say, "What’s up Angela? Don’t you get enough? Quit calling me." Of course Lucy will say, "This is Lucy, not Angela."

You see, it's key to make women believe that you've got game. Game translates into prestige, and prestige translates into charisma. Some women are turned off by this, however. We call them "player haters." But that's no big deal. Remember Players Rule # 3? You're weeding out the ones that are game from the ones that aren't.

Key Point IV :

* Contributor's note: The piece that is about to follow was almost left out. We realized that there would be some ho out there who would read it and figure out that she'd been had. (Actually there's more than one ho out there.) We argued long and hard over this. Finally we gave in. We'd promised that if you read this book and took our tips into practice you'd start getting women. So, against better judgment, here it is. . .


Scams are part of the game. If you're going to be a major player, then you need to be able to pull a major act. Just like an actor. But instead of under the cameras and bright lights, the local bar or nightclub is your movie set. (Or anywhere else you're putting on game.) And on your set you're the scriptwriter, director, and producer. You're a fucking star. So whatever role you choose play it like one.

Player's Rule # 5: Fake It 'till You Make It.

Scenario: You're at a bar seated with a woman you've just met. You're dressed flashy. The drinks you ordered just arrived. You reach into your pocket and pull out your wallet, "accidentally" dropping a couple of business cards on the table which the ho you're seated with, out of curiosity, grabs and reads.

The business card states that you're an Assistant Movie Producer. The address reads Hollywood, California.

If she falls for this, which more than likely she will because this is a rare scam, YOU ARE GETTING LAID.

Have a good pitch, know a little bit about camera angles, and mention names like "Rod Steele" whom you "do some work with." "He's unknown up here," you can tell her, "but down in L.A. he's popular for his work."

With this approach you represent fame, excitement, and the glamour lifestyle. This is the shit women dream about. But be careful. After five successful nights of using this act on five different hoes in five different clubs, one of us ran into a woman who actually was in the movie industry. A couple of questions and he was revealed as a fake.

Player's Rule # 6: Roll With the Punches.

If your cover’s been blown, roll with the punches. Smile big and then tell her that not only is she gorgeous, but that she's also incredibly intelligent. Act impressed. Tell her that you don't see that very often. Then follow up by saying that you love that in women.

If you use your imagination, you'll discover that there's a million scams you can pull. Sure the first couple scams you try might not go to smooth, but hey, practice makes perfect. And don't feel bad. This is good for both of you. You get your rocks off on the girl and the girl gets her rocks off the next day bragging to all her friends about the assistant movie producer (or whatever role you played) that she got naked with. So chalk it up as a one-nighter and she'll never know.

Because most women don't travel in packs any smaller than two, some scams are better pulled when you have a friend in on the action. It's like a tag-team. If everything goes right you'll both get laid.

Here's a good scam to pull using a friend:

Scenario: You're posing as a couple of journalists for a popular magazine. With a couple backpacks and some expensive camera equipment the two of you rented earlier that day, you march into a bar and take a table to yourselves as far away from the action as possible. You ignore everyone. You place the cameras on the table and whip out a couple of notebooks. These are your props. (And you'll eventually discover that they're your conversation pieces.) Compare notes for a while. Lean in close to each other. You're ignoring everyone. Your work is important and this is what the two of you are discussing. You're ignoring everyone.

But everyone is not ignoring you. Women throughout the bar noticed when you marched in with your equipment, noticed that you took a table far away from the action, noticed that neither of you even glanced at a woman. Noticed that you look important. They can see that you aren't here to pick up one of them.

The two of you have become the main event. All the women are casting looks at one another as they share the same thought — I better make a move quick before one of these other ladies trys. And with every minute that goes by that the two of you remain unapproached, the better. Because the heat is rising. With their eyes these women are challenging each other. They're tigresses on the hunt — there's fifty of them and only one meal. And that's you. And as the evening progresses, be secure knowing that when a couple women finally do come up to your table, they'll already be dripping wet. Getting them to skin down will be easier than snapping your fingers.


Player's Rule # 7: Get in and Get Out!

These are probably life’s greatest words to live by. You should take this to mean that if things are going good, get out while the gettin's good. If you’re winning big at the craps tables, get up and cash out. If you’re holding up a bank and you’ve emptied three cash tills, don’t stick around to empty the last two. GET OUT WITH YOUR MONEY! And when you swoop down on a woman who’s boyfriend just stepped away for a moment, Get in and get out! Don’t hesitate. Get her phone number and go back to your business.

It might go something like this:

A smooth hustler, Mikey, sees this attractive girl, but she’s got a date. Mikey hangs tight, sipping his drink, scoping the scene, waiting to make his move. And then it happens. The girl's date steps away for a moment—maybe to buy a drink. It doesn’t matter. Mikey’s in like a shark. “Hey, yo, baby girl,” says Mikey. “Where do we know each other?”


“You look familiar. Have we met before?”

Says the ho, “I don’t think so.”

“My boys call me Mikey, and you girl?”


“I’m Mikey. What’s your name?”

The ho says, “I’m Kiley.”

“Yo, Kiley, what makes you so sly?”


“Tell me a little about yourself.”

Mikey lets her talk for a few moments but then cuts in before her date can return. He says, “I saw you got a friend tonight, so I’d hate to keep you out. What’s your number?”

He jots down her phone number and then boogies.

Get in and get out!

Player's Rule # 8: Some Do Taste Better With Age

" I certainly think that it is better to be impetuous than cautious, for fortune is a woman, and it is necessary, if you wish to master her, to conquer her by force; and it can be seen that she lets herself be overcome by the bold rather than by those who proceed coldly. And therefore, like a woman, she is always a friend to the young, because they are less cautious, fiercer, and master her with greater audacity." - Niccolo Machiavelli, 1469 - 1527

With older women it's pretty basic. Here's two really easy steps to follow:

Compliment her every time you see her. Older women are attracted to young guys who give off the persona that they will develop into major "players" when they're older. The ability to give compliments reflects this. It shows your confidence. Keep in mind that a lot of women fantasize about being seduced by a younger guy. Even married women. So your goal with these compliments is to not come across as nice — it’s to come across as manipulative. This is where you become a hustler in their eyes. And all women subconsciously have an inner need to be hustled. Believe that.

In a humorous fashion, feed a woman this line: "When I'm older and more mature (assuming that you, the reader, is younger, of course), and make it big, will you be available for me?"

She may see you now as a "big thinker" who's going to be a success in life. It doesn't matter what age they are, women are attracted to success. You may now represent to her an "interesting affair."

In any of your flirting, if she ever says "I'm too old for you" or, "You're too young," you can say, "You just need a little youth in you." Or, "You’re wrong, girl. You’re like an exotic wine. You taste better with age." (It’s important to call her "girl." When you do you immediately take control of the situation.)

Some older hoes would rather seduce a young guy into an affair. In this case, it would be the older ho who would instigate things. To make the situation arise, the proper conditions need to exist. Think back to Players Rule # 5. Fake it ‘till you make it.

Whenever you're around her, act like you're uncomfortable. Let her catch you gazing at her body. Immediately whip your eyes away. She's attracted to your shyness. And she likes the attention - it reminds her of her younger days. To give her the impression that she's aroused you and made you uncomfortable, rub your hand across the back of your neck, then, for greater effect, rub your hand around your shirt collar (classic move). Now she definitely knows that you’re aware of her sexuality. And this turns her on.

Key Point V:

Player's Rule # 9: Never Show Your True Colors

Most women are attracted to players. But many have too much of an ego to get with one. If they know that you're a player, then they know that there's a chance that they're going to get played and they don't want to give you that power. So never show your true colors. A real player never gives women the impression that he's a player.

Instead of focusing on being sly, he focuses on simply appearing confident. Sounds easy, right? Hell, no. Unless you understand how people read other people who display confidence, it's an almost guarantee that you're going to be "read" as being a player, which in reality is a negative when trying to meet fine women in nice clubs. If you're dressed with style and care about your image, it's going to show. First, it's going to get you attention. The women might not be obvious about it, but they do notice you. Those first 30 seconds that you're in the club can prove to set the stage for the rest of the night.

You've heard the saying you never get a second chance to make a first impression? Check this - going into a club well-dressed and clean cut, you don't even have a first chance. You're tagged a "player" the moment you walk through the door.

That ain't good.

Because fine women usually have huge ego's, and they resent the idea that you don't acknowledge them for their super-star status. Each of these fine women, in one way or another, thinks that the world revolves around them, and that includes the guys that they want to get with. If they see you as a player, then they see you as a threat to their strong self-centered set of beliefs. Why? Because if you're a player, then you think that the world revolves around you.

What to do? You've got about 30 seconds to act. First off, start smiling. You're a smiling mo' fucker. But not a cocky smile - a friendly smile. To make this work, you have to have some purpose behind it. If you're with friends, turn your attention to them. Laugh. Bullshit. If you see some other friends, swoop down and say what's up to them. If you recognize a girl you've met before, give her a hug. ( * a little off topic here, but the hug is a true pimp-technique. When women see other women hugging you, they're going to want a piece too.)

Through all of this, the fine women in the club have no idea what you're saying. All they know is that you're dressed with style, clean cut, and appear to be friendly. Most guys, on the other hand, who show style and are clean cut - AND GO CLUBBIN' - are usually players. You're using this stereotype to your advantage.

Confidence plays a role in all of this by making you appear sincere and not fake. Confidence is believing full-force in what you're doing. If you're low in your self-belief when trying something new, you're going to do a half-ass job and it's going to show. Full-force are the key words. This is what will make you stand out. And if you need to fake it early on, the trick to faking it is to fake it with sincerity. These words in practice:

To demonstrate what we're talking about in the above paragraphs, this week we travel to Seattle's Pioneer Square district, a six block radius of bars and nightclubs located in the heart of downtown where thousands of male and female clubbers alike swoop down for some hard core weekend action. Taking part, we have two guests: Brad Pitt and Jim Cameron. Of course we know Brad Pitt from A River Runs Through It, the early scenes of Meet Joe Black, and also Fight Club. In this scenario, we use Brad Pitt's confident and outgoing character that Hollywood seems to love. Jim Cameron, on the other hand, isn't a Hollywood celebrity, just a twenty-five year old who grew up in T-Town (Tacoma, Washington) and now resides on the Seattle Eastside. As far as women and nightclubs go, Jim's been down with it since day one.

We're outside of The Last Supper Club, smack-dab in Pioneer Square. Look down the street in any direction and you see lines of people at hot dog stands and you also see lines of people waiting to get into the many bars and clubs. The Last Supper Club is one the more trendy spots in the city (at the date of this writing) with a strict dress code of no hats and no tennis shoes. In other words, you need to be looking sharp to get in. The VIP line is in full effect tonight.

We send Brad Pitt in first.

He doesn't even last two minutes. Confident and outgoing and the All-American male, he got player-hated hard. The fine women saw him as a threat to their super ego's.

Sorry, Hollywood - that's real life for you.

Jim goes in next. He tells us to come in with him. Using our passes, we take the VIP entrance. We buy our drinks, Jim surprisingly doesn't. Instead he orders a cup of water and starts a conversation with the bartender, an attractive brunette with nice breasts. It's too loud in the club to hear what they're saying, but Jim keeps the bartender talking for about five minutes. There's more than one bartender working the bar, but a line starts to form anyway behind Jim of guys and women wanting to order drinks. Suddenly the bartender reaches across the bar and hugs Jim, and then kisses him on the cheek. He turns to us, smiling big-time, and shrugs a shoulder, as if he has no idea what that was about.

The women in the line behind him and also the ones at the bar saw the whole thing.

Jim comes back to us. He says, "As soon as she gave me the water , I gave her a five dollar tip. It was easy to keep her talking after that. Then right when I was about to leave, I said, 'I just gave you a five dollar tip. I'm at least gonna get a hug, right?' I didn't ask for the kiss - she threw that in on her own."

We don't need to get into detail now, but it's an easy guess that the women who approached him later on the dance floor had fallen for the cool/friendly act he'd put on at the bar.

So what was the difference between Jim's approach and Brad Pitt's? Brad Pitt thought that just his looks and presence would make women want to approach him, whereas Jim understood that he needed to be a little manipulative and trick women into wanting to approach him. Every guy in the nightclub could be considered a "product" on a store shelf - Jim, a "product" as well - created "demand" for himself when women in the club saw him receiving the attention of the attractive bartender. "Product demand" is a concept in successful marketing because business people understand that it plays off the human psychology "to want what others have."


As you've found out by reading this, there really isn't much to being a player. And there really isn't much to picking up women. It all boils down to confidence. And when it comes to confidence, there's no magic formula — you're as confident as you think you are.

Here's a point to think about:

They’re all the same.

What's this mean?

You’ve seen one ho, you’ve seen them all.

Hoes play games. Hoes in Miami pull the same shit as hoes in Seattle. Hoes in New York City pull the same shit as hoes in L.A. And that’s why it’s so easy to be a player. Because you already know what they’re all about.


Oh, yeah. . . One more thing worth mentioning that's guaranteed to get you laid. . .


You're parked out in front of a bar. It's a few minutes before it closes for the night and drunken hoes are beginning to stagger out in groups of two's and three's. You're wearing a jacket that has your name stitched into the fabric above the breast pocket and you're also carrying a small clipboard. You look professional, like you have a job to do.

You get out of your car and march into the bar. You take a second or two to scope out the scene. Hoes are everywhere. Most of them look like they've had too much to drink. You laugh to yourself. This is almost like taking candy from a baby.

With one hand, you shake your car keys high above your head and shout, "SOMEONE CALL A TAXI?"


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Jun 18, 2003
So all I gotta do is transform myself into a hip hop whigger cartoon character parody of myself and I can get chicks? Awesome!!! Oops.. er, I mean... DOPenis Enlargement!!

Seriously though... DLD, you didn't write this did you?


Jun 5, 2003
Hmm...Let me practice.... "bling bling, fo' sheezy. we be clubbin' in the heezy, wit' muh mind on muh money and muh money on muh mind."

How's that? Will that get me laid?


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Jul 13, 2003
2,205 that was....informative...

well now, idk i never did the player thing, but minus the whole "they're not important" thing, i can see why it would work. it's true women want to feel special, like they're the center of attention, you can't get enough of them.blahb lah blah. and if you do retain information? great, then that means that you really care and then you can get closer to them.

i think i did this with my new girl amanda. she was origianlly on a date with my friend, however i just said "hi" to her and (my friend doesn't have a car so i gave them both a ride) and i dropped them off at the mall then pissed off for 3 hours and getting them later. the whole time i was feeling like i was just the third wheel and unwanted..HOWEVER..amanda admits now that she was attracted to me. said i was "calm and yet seemed to have an energy about me" and that i had a "confident walk". she said that she was so attracted to me that she went home and fucked herself that very night thinking about me! and now here i am with her right next to me in bed, passed out with a tiny smile on her face.

now i'm not one to be a player, however i do have a lot of girl friends, too bad i never had enough guts to try anything with them before. i heard throught he grape vine that there are at least 5 of them that are attracted to me. but i am with amanda now. and that leads me to the best tip of all,though i'm not giving tips LOL...


THAT is where the fun is at. i didn'tknow amanda was bi until she told me about 3 weeks into knowing her. and on top of that she had experience with her friend before. and has had that experience for well over a year and still is to this day. and guess who's invited to the party?? LOL find a girl who is bi, do some research or somethin. idk if it's because i'm in college that EVERY girl i know is bi. either true bi or just bi when they are drunk, but every girl i know is. so if you do some digging and bring up the topic of bisexuality, maybe they'll supprize you. then ask if they ever been with a girl, if they say yes then BAM you have a girl who is very verrrrry open with her sexuality and is probably the most freakest girl you'd ever have sex with. right then and there you both know that you're interested in her sexuality, and then that'll open up her questions for you. the two that i hear the most is "how many girls you been with"..."ur not bi are you?" and "sooo how big..*glance down*"

so no need for ghetto speak, however if your'e bi racial throw that in there. all i gotta say is "i'm half black" and they just bite their lower lip and glance down. walk with stride, know that you know how to make a woman scream out in pleasure and they'll read it through ur body language. the eye contact thing is VERY true, you catch them off guard big time on that one. but one thing i didn't hear on this thing is the body contact. if they lean in towards you or let you touch them, either their arm or hand or knee..then that's a sign of them letting you get physical. i guess with alchie in them they might let you go much farther right? also make them laugh,gets their guard down.

anywhoo..that's what i think works well. like i said i'mnot a player however if you are one? there might notbe a need to do the whole actingthing..just makethemlaugh and feellike they're theonly one in the world. jesus i sound like i'mon the dark side of the force LOL


May 27, 2004
damn good article, thanks DLD... defo gonna have to try some of that shit back at uni...


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Nov 15, 2005


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Dec 10, 2003
Thanks for the info GG. It should prove to be an interesting read. If you can find the book by the guy who was on MTV Made who was teaching the fat kid how to be a player it is FUNNY AS HELL. He lays out different types of women based on movie stars, singers, etc and has different types for them and lots of other funny ass stuff. I found it one day on a table at Books and Company along with a ton of children's books. It was a very amusing day on the whole.


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Nov 15, 2005
Any specific details, such at the TITLE of that book :p


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Dec 10, 2003
The Art of Mackin' by Tariq Nasheed. It's one of the funniest books I have ever opened. Not to mention that I found it on a sale table with a bunch of children's books.


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Nov 15, 2005
okay thanks, I'm typing "" at the moment :)

P.s. Allright got it :). Gonna get it shipped in 7-10 days.
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Jan 30, 2008
doublelongdaddy;43266 said:
Some will find the following piece offensive; some will find it informative.
Heh. I didn't find this offensive at all. Anyone who does find it offensive is merely trying to blot out the truth.
It did make me sad though because it has truth to it. People have really cheapened themselves, lowered themselves to just having sex with whoever they want. They have a list of on-demand vaginas and no longer is the love even there. If it is, it's all based on what we are, and not who. Given, Vaginas On-Demand isn't bad, but I'd much rather have women friends of value whom I share an actual relationship with. But this book proves it...those kinds of women are hard to find nowadays. When I was a kid I thought they were everywhere. But times have changed, have they not? Now it's all about "game". Say some damn catchy phrase and do a little seductive dance; you win some, you lose some. If you try and build a loving relationship up off the ground starting with friendship, you'll be acting too slow and pretty soon the girl will end up with Mister Bar Seduction.
It sickens me how love has turned into a game. I like my fair share of games, but there are times when people should listen to another and be reasonable about who they choose to be with. But that's just me. I'm betting this topic wasn't for me.


Jun 28, 2008
oopapercutoo;84385 said:
Hmm...Let me practice.... "bling bling, fo' sheezy. we be clubbin' in the heezy, wit' muh mind on muh money and muh money on muh mind."

How's that? Will that get me laid?
no, that'll get your ass kicked. if you read the thing it said it's for black guys, so unless you're at least with the hip hop culture, this article isn't for you LMAO


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Apr 24, 2006
David d'angelo's book on Double your dating is pretty good. Look it up.

It has key points every guy who can get girls already knows, but he just re assures it with the science of it,
and how he is very very average looking, but pulls girls from his "science"...
---Its for real people, people that speak normal english,don't act like rappers and dont wear a chain the size of a belt.
Also he addresses how to keep a girl if you like her as a GF and how to keep strings on the ones you just want to have fun with.

Good stuff..good read,I got it free on Aries.

If you can already get Decent-Hot girls and have good game, then its not worth buying it. 70% of this book you already know, or know subconsciouscly.

If you do have trouble, and are lacking in that area, then buying it will improve it alot.
A good read nonethless experienced or not., so if you have the money....go ahead.
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