How To Be a Player !!!


Jul 25, 2003
I think I am pretty qualified to give yall some advice on this subject. If you feel the need to add or criticize my tactics, then feel free to post and debate! :fight:

I will start off giving BASIC Player Pointers! We can go in depth into the female psyche another time... ;)

#1 - Always smile! This is the most powerful weapon in a player's arsenal. Just make sure your teeth are straight and white, we don't wanna turn the ladies off now do we ?

#2 - Always compliment, however don't overdue it ! Typical compliments like nice smile, hair, perfume are acceptable at first. Be careful not to sound too average or boring or cliche!! Something original is always appreciated 10 times more than your average compliment.

#3 - Learn to dance (if you meet women at clubs) - they find men who can dance (or who at least try) more attractive than men who can't because they figure they are boring (when most likely you could care less about how to dance). Women like exciting, risky, or out of the ordinary FUN guys!

#4 - Take care of your appearance. If you are an older man, I won't advise you about clothing and stuff. But if you are closer to my age (20) you better listen up. I must stress popular clothes. Abercrombie (the "prep" style, i don't buy that overpriced shit) or Hip Hop style. The FINE girls don't care nothing about punk or goth guys. You gotta change that crap. WHITE shoes! Like Phat Farm, or some nice Reebok's are the bomb. Ladies love guys with tight shoes.

#5 - when talking to a hoe, as we all know, they love to talk (if you have caught their attention). So basically let them do the talking, don't worry about what to say next just say things like "Oh really ? Yeah me too." and let them talk but you MUST LISTEN! They can tell so fast if you aren't listening to them. Make short comments about what they are saying so they know you like them enough to listen to them.

#6 - if a hoe rejects you, you MUST NOT say something smart ass in return! She will jone on you in front ALL of her friends, which is bad for your rep. Just smile and walk away. Plust the more you get rejected the better your confidence will be the next time you approach a woman !

#7 - if you first meet a woman, DO NOT discuss your own interests in detail !! We all know you love Star Trek or how savvy you are about fixing software database problems, but keep it to yourself on the first date! Talk about shallow things ! Even if you aren't a shallow person, just pretend to be in the beginning. Let the woman initiate and narrate the conversation topic.

#8 - If you meet a beautiful girl, and she is just DROP DEAD GORGEOUS do not show that you are that amazed. Just act normal, play it cool you know, act like James Bond, just act like she really isn't that special, DO NOT get Intimidated! These hoes are usually masters of intimidating weak men and then rejecting them making them feel horrible about their self esteem.

I have SO MUCH MORE that I can go into detail, but these are the basics. Common sense for most of ya'll players or players-in-training out there!

Basically if you have a questions about flirting, picking up, getting numbers, your appearance, and other advanced tactics then just ask me Cupid Valentino LMAO

A couple more tips for ya guys, develop a slightly arrogant upright walk, keep your chest up, this shows confidence! Try to be confident, but not cocky ! The woman will think "he is comfortable with his appearance, he probably has a big dick, and he doesn't care what anybody thinks about him" that is a real booster to your attraction. I attract attention all the time from women by walking like this (except the goth or punk girls who will glare at me cuz they know i don't want their nasty asses)

AIGHT DEN! One more thing my birthday is February 14th, so for my birthday present I want ya'll to go out and get a date for Valentine's Day, or treat your significant other real special now, AIGHT ?

Good luck, Just consider my words the arrows that will send you in love's direction.

Peace and Love,
Cupid Valentino


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Jun 3, 2003
gunna move this to the dating and seduction section.


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Jun 20, 2003
Originally posted by Godsize
This post is insulting.
LMAO One can always count on Godsize for a nice compliment.

Come on, it's not bad. The post had a lot of basic common sense stuff in it, but it was concise and it's never bad to reinforce some basic do's and don'ts.
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