How Open Are You About Sex


Apr 14, 2004
When you have sex, do you find yourself muffling your groans and cries? or do you shout to the high heavens?

i myself am a "shout to the high heavens" kind of person, im not embarassed by sex, is natural, i be as loud as i please wherever i am, be it my house, my parents house, a friends house, a train, a bus, a plane. I just think im very lucky to be blessed with the fact that i dont care what other people think about my having sex, hell ive had it where my mother has walked in on me and ive made her wait until ive finished.
Apr 18, 2004
I am very open about sex. I have done anything and everything possible in my glory days, and I am glad I did it all before getting married. I think 75% of men are scared of sex or insecure about their penises and miss out on alot of fun stuff. I am happily monogamous with my soulmate now and wouldn't have it any other way, but in my tweens, nobody was safe!
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