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Alright well im only 4 inches, maybe 4 1/4, while erect. I dont want to be really big, I just want to become average size and will do anything I need to get there, im desperate. Its causing major problems between my girlfriend and I.

I would love to gain 2 inches, but would do anything for even just 1 inch gain, anything at all.

Say I wanted to gain 2 inches, assuming I stuck to the DLD routine properly and possibly used some other supplement (pills or something) at the same time to speed up or enhance growth, how long should I expect that to take?


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Honestly, there's a different time frame for everyone, because everyone has their own genetic code. DLD grew quickly, I grow somewhat quickly, and there are some guys who don't seem to gain much at all. The diffene between some guys an dothers is intensity. If you stretch to the max every repetition you will grow, and if you're focused on every jelq, you will grow. You could realize your size goals within 6 months, but it's all dependent upon you and your dedication. Good luck, and Holla if you need any help. Holla
Good saying there millionman!
I myself gain failry quick to.
1.45" in 5 months. Didnt even do it fully, lazy yep thats me.
So you see there is hope for anyone. No-mather the color, shape or age.
Someguy, welcome to MoS, and i would recommend reframing your thought processes here.

Rather than "how long will it take to get 2 inches more" why not change it to "i will keep at this until I am 2 inches bigger and the girl i am dating then will love it".

And remember;
Doing something is better than nothing.
But doing 1 good Penis Enlargement workout is worth 10 bad workouts
As half-assed efforts get half-assed results.

Get on the newbie routine mate, and get the good habits and discipline you will need to see this through. Be active in MoS and it will keep you focused. Read and assimilate information here, treat the knowledge on MoS like the Holy Grail it is and drink it down like Coffee to a caffeine addict. Finally, enjoy enhancing your body and keep it in perspective....bad lovers with big dicks get dumped quickly. 100 quick deep thrusts does not make a healthy fulfilling and ongoing happy relationship :)


do the routine faithfully, and if you can take it do a little extra. persistance pays off. also as far as girth check out the cable clamp routine.


do the routine faithfully, and if you can take it do a little extra. persistance pays off. also as far as girth check out the cable clamp routine.


I like to think in terms of how much work it would take to reach a certain goal instead of how long.
thats what im trying to gain...i can't get like 5.5 or 6 inches erect. I want to get aleast 2 inches in both length and girth. The problem is my penis shrinks too much...But i know how you feel man. Just keep working at it!


I gained a 1/4 inch in my first month of Penis Enlargement and it's looking like I'll gain another half inch by the time I finish my second month. Just a couple words of advice: 1) don't over do it, trying too hard can actually set you back, just follow the routine mentioned above, then you can move on to more hard core stuff like hanging and clamping. 2) Make sure to discuss this with your g/f. If she knows your taking action and doing something about it she will probably be a little more patient with you. Not only that, but you can show her the results.

Wish you the best with your Penis Enlargement and your relationship.

L8r M8


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Keep in mind:

- Your mindset is everything. I will give this to you straight, because the truth is best: You are in the wrong place mentally right now.
"Oh no, I need to get bigger, my dick is small, I'm going to lose my girlfriend..." is a negative mindset.
Fuck that shit. Be an aggressive MOFO and take hold of what you want and kick the shit out of it.
Try this:
"I have this in me. I already see how big my cock can be. Dedication is my key to success. I will discipline myself to take a few minutes every day that I would normally be watching TV, playing a video game, or wasting time on the internet, and do Penis Enlargement exercise instead. I will see results fast, and will be satisfied and excited with the rapid change I am experiencing. I will be huge."

- Set a goal. The timeframe is not the issue, here - time does not matter, because you will be constantly growing, a bit at a time, and when you reach one goal you won't want to stop . You'll continue improving yourself, the exact same way a diverse and dedicated man never stops learning. He keeps striving for bigger and better... always.

- Do NOT compare yourself to others in a negative light. Every man is different. Every ligament and speck of tissue is our own, and what we aim to accomplish is no-one's responsibility but ours - it belongs to us alone. Nobody else is going to do Penis Enlargement for you. You will do this on your own, using the knowledge from people on this forum and the tools available to you. You WILL see results.

- USE this forum. There are a lot of really dedicated and intelligent men on this board that care about your success and will help you no matter what. You won't find excessive negativity here, only encouragement and constant discussion of how to achieve the goals we all want.

- Talk to your girlfriend. Tell her that you are working to improve yourself. Tell her that it's like an exercise program for your cock. It makes you thicker and longer over time by way of stretching .
If she is not on board with this, doesn't support you, or only cares about your dick size, guess what?.... You should let her walk so you can get a good woman that supports you and cares about you not just for who you ARE, but for the man you ASPIRE to be. Someone who truly cares for you will base a portion of their love and dedication on your potential. Don't forget that. You deserve the best.

- My advice is to get on the beginner program, which is VERY effective. You will start to see results quickly when you exercise daily and are patient with figuring out your body. Also, once you are doing the beginner program, when you can afford it, buy a Bathmate X-40 and start using it. You will love that shit.

Lots of love and major respect to DLD for this awesome site, for his endless service to all of us, and for inspiring me and other people to do something about what we want instead of wishing things were different.

Success is nothing more than taking advantage of an opportunity.



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Haha. I just wrote that whole reply before realizing that this guy's post is about 7 years old.


HungLikeJC;430960 said:
Haha. I just wrote that whole reply before realizing that this guy's post is about 7 years old.
That was a great post it doesn't matter if it was years old or not you never know when someone is going to sign in from out of nowhere and they even get email notifications when threads they have written get responses. I'm trying to figure out how the thread got bumped in the first place, the guy who bumped didn't leave much to an explanation. My initial response was to gain 2" it is up to whoever is doing the exercise and how much intensity they put into working out for how much time it will take to make those gains.

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