I have been switching up my rountine quite a bit and I finally found one that I think works for me. I do about 15 mins of lig stretching , then 20 30 sec. dld blasters for lenght. Then I do a shortened version of the girth busters( apx half of each exercise, sometimes a little more if I'm gonna take the next day off). This routine seems to be working great for my flacid size. When it gets cold it doesnt shrink as much, and I've gained a good 1/4 inch in both lenght and girth in the last month. But I haven't gain anything while erect. I've been doin this routine for a couple of weeks and been pe'ing for about 3 months, in which I haven't seen any change in erect size. Am I working to hard for a beginner, should I try some different stuff, or just sit tight and wait for the erect gains to come?
Thanks for the advice. I couldn't find any descriptions of erect stretching though, and I'm currently unemployed and broke otherwise I'd being a paying member. I'll just keep on doin my routine and messuring my bpfs to make sure I'm gaining and hopefully I'll soon be making erect gains. Thanks for the help once again!

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