How long does pump last?


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Newbie here. First time posting but long time reader at this forum. I have heard many of you say that you are significantly bigger with temporary gains after a good Penis Enlargement session. How long do these temporary gains last? For example, if you had sex two hours later, does your partner feel the extra pump or is it gone?
It will last a few minutes to a few hours, depending on several things like: how much water you drink, what you are doing, ect.
one way to keep your "pump " is after your girth session clamp and run cold water over your penis for 2-5 minutes, then hot wrap . Thanks SWM for that idea. It takes lots of guts to try it the first time but it does help.


My "pump " goes away in about 10 min, but if I have sex later that day or night then I can boost my look a bit right before the deed. I am usually partially erect if I know I am expecting some action. I just kegal hard a few times and then grab the base and do a couple slow dry jelqs. The pump comes right back, for me at least, and gives your junk a good healthy look as well.
I do dld's girth buster routine. Can't seem to temporarily gain girth though. Dunno why. Maybe I dont put enough pressure on my dick with dry portion of girth busters. TO answer your question, no, i dont do them constricted the entire time, but only when the routine calls for it. I also can only hold isolation squeezes for 30 seconds. After that I go semi-flacid.