How long did it take to get rid of your curve?

So is it wise to carry on doing normal Penis Enlargement and getting rid of a curve at the same time or get rid of the curve first THEN do normal Penis Enlargement?


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German Stallion said:
Have fun putting the curve in! You will love it! Gives great time with intercourse! GS
Thanks, GS. 'Having fun with it' is pretty much the whole end to the means of Penis Enlargement, anyway :)

What method(s) did you use to get your curve?
DLD got me into the erect bends before the MOS site was even started. They are a must. Seems that the key is to be sure and hold those bends for a mininum of 30 seconds or more. You must break down the cells or stretch them so they can reform. Also, I am a great advocate of erect twists . Be careful. As you do them, form the penis in the direction you want. Me, I took the bend out, you want to put it in. A natural up pull erect will gradually do it, I think. GS