How does this look?

Sep 14, 2003
I was just wondering if anyone had suggestions to help me break through a plateau. i started out at 6" bpel by 4.5" girth. ive been peing for 5 months, now im at 7.4" bpel by 4.75" girth. this is my routine:

manuel stretches in all directions (up, up and to the left, up to right, straight out, down, down right, down left) 2 mins each

a stretch 2 mins

v stretch 2 mins front

v stretch on the right on the left 1 min each

4 sets dld blasters

At night
dry jelq 10 sec strokes about 50
8 wet jelqs
6 horse 440
3 ulis
My goal is 8" x 5.5-6"
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