how do you know where you've 'hit'?

Dec 23, 2003
i've just started out and i hear all these people saying that they can "really feel it in the ligs" or "got a good burn in the tunica", i was just wondering if someone can briefly describe the difference in sensation you get when you hit the ligs as opposed to the tunica, i'm still in phase 1 but i wanna start feeling like i have done something, (like when i go to the gym, if my chest or arms aren't sore the next day, i feel like i haven't done anything).
Help is appreciated!


Jun 3, 2003

The area you 'hit' depends on the exercise and angle of stretch , as well as your LOT. I don't know if there are any anatomy diagrams on this forum which would explain things, but this should help; When we talk of tunica, we talk of a 'sheath' that covers the erectile chambers, so basically the feeling will be at certain points along the shaft, from the inner penis (behind your balls) right up to the glans. The ligs are only in one area, on top of the shaft, at the base. If you pull your dick downwards you will feel them if you prod around this area.

The sensations of 'hitting' these areas is slightly different. Lig fatigue feels like a 'sharp' soreness, while tunica fatigue is more like a dull ache. Neither are painful, and actually quite pleasant once you get used to associating fatigue with a good workout.

One more thing - Every person has different levels of pain tolerance, and also different strengths of the fibers that make up the ligs and tunica. So there are some that can do a lot of work and feel little fatigue, and others who can reach fatigue fairly quickly. The more Penis Enlargement you do, the quicker (assuming you use the same routine) you will reach the fatigue. For these reasons your own experiences/feelings will be the best guide to how effective the workout was for you.

Hope this helps


Aug 19, 2003
You`ll get to know beter how your penis feels as time passes.
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