Homemade Power Jelq


Jun 29, 2003
It's simple, go to any hardware or major retail store that sells food canning supplies ( canning jars and lids etc.) like meijers, kmart, walmart etc..The handle section is nothing more than canning jar tongs that are used to lift the jars from the hot water bath when canning foods. These retail for approximately $4.00.

Then go to if not already there, a hardware in plumbing supplies. Get a length of 3/8 pipe insulation. A good idea would be to spread the handles and remove one side and take it with you to check for correct fit before puchasing insulation wrap . The rollers pull off easily by spreading the arms.

Another alternative is a piece of soaker hose found in the gardening section, but this one is a little more rough to use. Cut off the pieces needed to size, 1/4 inch shorter than the roller length . Place cut pipe insulation over the roller.

Important:There is one more thing to do for safety purposes before putting the rollers back on. At the points where the two ends insert into the roller, take a file and round the sharp edges. If you don't do this and the roller ever pops off while using it, the sharp edge could cut you. Re-assemble. The whole proccess takes less than 5 minutes.

Wet and dry versions:

Before putting the pipe inulation over the "roller", take a drill slightly larger than the hole and enlarge the hole a little. this allows the rollers to move freely. Place a small amount of light weight oil on each end of the roller before re-assembling. Replenish oil as needed. Do this only to the dry version

Oils: This could be vegetable, graphite, or any other product you have available

I use it just the way it is purchased from the store . The only thing I do is file the sharp edges before using it.

I have one of each style. The roller version is used for dry power jelqing and the coverless version is used for wet jelqing . This makes cleaning a snap, just wash with soap and water , towel try.

Total cost to build both, about $10.00.


Oct 31, 2003
Kitchens Etc.. have it also....about the same price definately under $10 ...for the tongs and the foam... good call mowin...


Jun 23, 2003
I didnt know squat about canning supplies until a year after I bought my PJ. I havent used it in 8 months. Ah the museum grows all the time.


Aug 26, 2003
when I made my own power jelq a little while back I bought my jar lifter from Sur Le Table. I dunno if we only have them in Dallas but anyway...for the rollers I used paint rollers. you can buy a pack of paint rollers from home depot and they fit like a dream and work really well. I coudln't tell you exactly what type of paint rollers...just use your head and see what would fit best.

And thats about it.
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