Very nice forum! Very great info I found out about MOS from a yahoo group that I am a member of. What is the deal with this place. I see it everywere. I have never been apart of a forum talking about penis enlargement!

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:D, it would be funny...and/or just the thing we needed (in a good way) for an internationally known porn star to be posting here.
regularwhiteguy said:
Hey Ron, I was at your DVD signing at the Castle Superstore in Seattle a few months ago... Got a few pictures with you...


Ah, The the Castle Superstore, there was a few real bastard:)bitches there. Kind of cruel but the majority of the crowd made it fun. I even got lucky. I see you can put pictures here, let me see the pictures.


Cool to have ya here man, what yahoo groups you hear about us on?
You see it everywhere, where else do you here about us?

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