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Well, after an enchanted walk through the desert with DLD and The Naked Indian (watch the movie Wayne's World) and the discussion which took place during, I have decided to go on a "split routine". I will still be working length as, that is my main focus. In other words, one day I work only length . Next day I work length part of the day then, girth later in the day/evening. Making it so theres a girth session every other day. My hope being that the girth work mixed in there every other day will help add some extra stress to the tissues from different angles and hopefully help with the length gains. Today started my first split session day. Here's a set of pics I took during/after the girth workout.

Girth Pics
Originally posted by stillwantmore
Well, after an enchanted walk through the desert with DLD and The Naked Indian...
Here's hoping that the Indian was wearing the loin-cloth. :D


Originally posted by ebon00
Here's hoping that the Indian was wearing the loin-cloth. :D
Actually, the indian had been doing Phase 2 for his second month in a row and was quite enthusiastic about his gains...so, no loin cloth. ;) I think DLD was wearing some boxers.


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I will say similer to what I just said in the link.
It looks un-healthy in apperence, the red band around the shaft, looks like swollen, bloated even pumped apperence, but hey I suppose this is signs its working.




great post-workout pix! You will gain more, no doubt.


well, even not to the extrem like SWM, I tend myself to build up quite some fluid(bloating) from just doing 1hour Ulis, Horses, Double handed dry jelgs and such stuff and discoloration is my second name.
There are others, like you I guess, who have no "problem"at all w.this. I think it's linked to the thickness of the skin, which counts as well for a more or less veiny appereance.

Thick shaft skin= more fluid built-up/bloating, more discoloration and a fat appearance

Thin Shaft skin= less fluid and discoloration and a very veiny appearance

And of course, everything in between this 2 extreme types.


Yea, I agree somewhat. I do get some fluid build up BUT, I also FEEL the work internally while doing the girth exercises. This last session felt incredible! I know every one of them will be this way too now that I have the generic V.

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