Holy crap!! Gains after my first week!!!


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Well, this morning got off to a good start. I've been doing phase 1 this week, and then last night I decided to try some compression squeezes as well. I got up this morning with some serious wood, and decided to measure. To my suprise, I now measure:

NBPenis EnlargementL 5.5 * 5.0

Now this might not seem like much, but last week it was 5.0 * 4.5. Now I know that newcomers see quick gains, but this is amazing!!! I'm so pumped right now, I'm ready to explode!!! I'm gonna kick it up a notch this week, and maybe do some more streching. All I can say for now is thank you DLD and Supra for the exercises and the ROP!!!


Congratulations Groove. Things really seems to be really starting to get in the groove for you. You can expect some more good gains because the first months gains are the fastest. Phase 1 rocks.
I'm glad you got good gains in your first week too, unfortunately might almost stopped afterthat :( I got .5" inlength after my first week, my reaction was sort of like your good luck!

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