Holiday Fuck Fun


Jun 3, 2003
A Very Merry XXXmas

My wife and I recently had an opportunity to become involved with a

group of married couples who love sex. We met our now loving group at a

party which started out innocently enough over the Christmas holidays.

My wife got an invitation to attend a party of her friends at the office

and we went thinking we would pass some pleasant time over the holidays.

To our surprise this invitation turned out to be a welcome into a hot

sex party.

My wife Sue and I had always enjoyed sex and had on occasion swapped

mates on a one to one basis with some close friends but never on the

orgy scale of a major swing club. Sue loves to go both ways and has had

a relationship with a number of her female friends over the years. I

have had the benefit of her bi relationships as often I would join her

and her lover for a afternoon of lust. Sue is five feet 10 with large

firm tits and a fantastic ass. She loves to suck and fuck and delights

in eating out pussy while a stiff cock is rammed up her cunt. I have

the lucky privilege of having a thick ten inch cock which can cum and

cum without tiring a fact that pleases Sue no end.

We arrived at the party and was greeted by the hostess, Sally a close

friend of my wifes but not one of her bi lovers. Sally showed us into

the living room and introduced us to her husband Doug and three other

couples. Donna a tall blond with large tits and long legs who looked

like she could be great in bed and her husband Tom, a good looking guy

with a large bulge showing he was obviously well hung.

Donna was sitting on the couch with her feet up on the coffee table

showing quit a lot of firm thigh. Eileen a big dark haired woman with

very large tits which were stretching her blouse and sporting very erect

nipples. Her husband Pete was definitely looking over Sue in a way that

I found quite provocative while Sue stared openly at the lump in his

pants. The last couple was Ceil and Andy, Ceil was a petite red head

dressed in a short mini and was showing lots of firm leg. Her husband

was sitting across from Donna and I could tell his attention was focused

on her legs watching for a good beaver shot from my estimation.

We introduced ourselves and the conversation continued with Eileen

telling a story about their recent vacation. Eileen wasn't shy at all

as she regaled the group with the goings on at a club in california. It

seems that they had spent some time at a special nude only club which

had a very hot activity schedule. Sue asked me to accompany her to the

kitchen and fix her a drink. Once in the kitchen Sue started to rub my

cock through my pants and told me that she was getting very turned on by

the conversation. I reached up under her skirt and rubbed her pussy

through her panties as she rubbed my prick. Just then our hostess Sally

came into the kitchen behind Sue, seeing what was going on Sally put her

fingers to her lips in a signal to keep her presence a secret. I

watched as Sally pulled up her skirt exposing a nicely trimmed pussy for

my inspection. Sally spread her cunt lips and licking her fingers

slowly forced two of her fingers into her wet twat. Seeing her

intention was to have a bit of fun I began to pull up Sue's skirt

exposing her panty covered ass to my hands and Sally's gaze. I slipped

Sue's panties down over her firm ass and spread her ass cheeks opening

her ass so Sally could see her hot tight anal pucker. Sue responded by

unzipping my pants and fishing out my now stiff cock. Pulling Sue's

head to my cock I forced my stiff shaft deep into her hot mouth and

throat as I licked my fingers and pressed them up Sue's hot tight ass

and cunt. Sue was really worked up by now and Sally had removed all of

her cloths and stood naked at the end of the counter.

Sally came boldly over to us and pulled my fingers from my wife's anus

and replaced them with her tongue. Sue gave a slight start but her

mouth never left my stiff cock as Sally began to lick and tongue fuck my

wife's asshole. Sue was lost in a world of her own now and her legs

spread giving both Sally and I more access to her hot steaming holes. I

started to unbutton my wife's blouse and undid her bra freeing her firm

tits. I pulled Sue's blouse and bra off and began to pull on her very

stiff nipples as Sue deep throated my cock. I pulled my fingers from

Sue's cunt and Sally began to eat my wife's pussy in earnest making Sue

moan with pleasure. Sue had my rod buried deep in her throat and I

could feel the sperm building up in my balls as she stroked my stiff

cock in and out of her velvet mouth. Sue began to cum releasing her

sweet pussy juice into Sally's waiting mouth as I filled Sue's mouth and

throat with my thick creamy load. Sue gulped it down like honey and

sucked the remnants of my climax from my still stiff cock. I pulled

back an watched as Sally sucked Sue's clit and licked up my wife's sweet

slippery pussy juice. I was still hard as a rock when Doug, Sally's

husband came into the kitchen to see what was going on, I guess we made

quite a commotion. Doug looked over at me and smiled then began to

remove his shirt and pants exposing a thick long tool which was fully

erect in no time. Doug approached Sue, Sally his wife spread Sue's cunt

and guided her husbands rock hard cock into my wife's still quivering

cunt. I watched as Doug began to stroke into my wife's pussy and

squeezed my wifes firm tits and nipples as he filled her creamy cunt

with his long hard cock.

Sally had left her position under my wife and came to my side. I

grabbed Sally's full firm tits and slowly forced my fingers into her hot

wet slit. Moving her to the kitchen table I layed her back onto the

table and spread her legs exposing her nicely trimmed cunt. Doug was in

full swing now ramming his cock up Sue's pussy as he pulled on her tits

and twisted her stiff nipples. I spread Sally's cunt lips and gave her

a few licks making her cunt jump under my tongue. I placed the head of

my cock against Sally's slippery pussy lips and slowly pressed the

entire length of my 10" cock up her tight cunt in one slow motion.

Sally cried out as my big prick entered her tight slippery slit and she

pulled my hands to her tits and urged me on. I began stroking into

Sally with long firm strokes as I pulled her stiff hard nipples making

her repeatedly cry out for more. Sue was moaning loudly now and Doug

was ramming his cock into her pussy with quick rapid strokes. I heard

Sue begin her climax just as Doug began to grunt out his orgasm and fill

my wife's hot pussy with his steamy sperm. Hearing her husband reaching

fulfillment brought Sally to orgasm as my prick reamed into her sweet

slit. Sally's cunt griped my cock tightly as she twitched in orgasmic

bliss and I succumb to the pleasure of the moment filling her tight box

with my own load of sticky sperm.

As we wound down from our pleasure trance I noticed we were not alone

the other couples were standing in the kitchen door watching our sexual

antics. At first I was concerned how they would react but as I looked

over their faces I noticed real lust not shock. Andy Ceil's husband had

his hand on Donna's tit and was twisting her prominent nipple between

his fingers as he gently massaged her breast. Ceil was standing in

front of Pete and her skirt was hiked up and I could see Pete had one

hand up between her legs from the back as he rubbed her small firm tits

with his other hand. Eileen was rubbing her cunt against Tom's leg as

he worked both of her large tits with his hands making her nipples stand

out against the tight material of her silky blouse. Seeing we had

audience Doug and Sue joined Sally and I by the table and Doug began to

feed his wife his cum slicked cock as Sue bent down to lick Sally's

stiff clit as I slowly stroked my cock into her overheated pussy. We

continued like this for a few minutes and got a round of applause from

our impromptu audience.

Donna suggested we retire to the living room where we could all enjoy

the fun and we heartily concurred. Helping Sally off the table we all

went into the living room. I suggested the three still dressed couples

pair off in non spouse couples and strip each other so that we could all

get down to basics. They all agreed and Sue, Sally, Doug and I rested

on the couch as we watched the other guests get naked and turned on.

Ceil paired off with Pete and Pete soon had her naked exposing the

cutest red haired pussy and a nice set of small firm tits with hard pink

nipples. Ceil returned the favor by ripping off Pete's cloths and

stroking his stiff cock then taking his cock balls deep into her throat

while he pulled on her nipples and rubbed her tits. Eileen was quickly

stripped by Tom and her tits were at least 38's, her pussy was nicely

shaven and her pink cunt lips hung invitingly between her legs. Eileen

was quick to strip Tom's cloths off and soon had his stiff member

between her tits urging him to tit fuck her as she bent to take the head

of his prick into her mouth. Donna took the lead and striped Andy

exposing his cock and forcing his prick into her mouth as she pulled

gently on his balls and played with his ass. Andy broke away and

rapidly removed Donna's cloths showing us her firm body with full firm

tits and a fantastic ass. Andy spread her legs and got down and ate her

pussy like a man possessed.

Watching all of this had Doug and I stiff again and Sally began to

stroke my stiff pole bringing it to her lips and forcing her mouth down

my pole until my balls rested against her chin. Looking over I saw that

Doug was getting a similar workout from my wife Sue and her cheeks and

throat were bulging with his stiff prick. Since our wives were between

us on the couch I reached over and pressed my fingers up Sue's exposed

cunt and asshole. Sue moaned and thrust Doug's cock deeper into her

throat. Doug following my lead grabbed his wife's ass and spread her

cheeks forcing two fingers up her creamy slit and his thumb up her

asshole. I could feel Sally's throat tighten around my cock as Doug

probed her cunt and anus. Things were heating up on the floor in front

of us Andy had Donna down on her back and was ramming his pick up her

hot blond pussy making her cry out her pleasure on each stroke as he

pulled her stiff nipples. Tom had Eileen up on all fours and was

rapidly stroking his long thick cock into her shaved cunt. Each thrust

made Eileen's tits jump and sway as they hung down swollen with sexual

excitement. Ceil was laying under Eileen as Pete stroked his cock into

her red haired pussy, she was moaning as his cock invaded the depths of

her tight young slit. Ceil had her hands around Eileen's tits and was

sucking on her nipples as they swayed under the weight of the pounding

Tom was giving Eileen's cunt. It wasn't long before the pent up lust

brought the group on the floor to a long loud orgasmic climax. I

watched Andy stiffen as he squirted his load up Donna's quivering slit

and worked her pussy until she came to a twitching climax. Ceil was

right with her and she climaxed her legs locking around Pete's ass

forcing him balls deep in her stretched pussy and making him fire his

load deep into the recesses of her hot twat. Eileen started to twitch

with orgasm as Tom poured his load into her waiting cunt filling her

pussy with his hot load. Being spent for the moment the three couples

layed on the floor and rubbed each other until they had regained their


By this time Doug and I were both more than ready to go as were Sue and

Sally. Looking over the group on the floor I suggested we join them and

start the fucking and sucking all over again. Sue and Sally scampered

off the couch and joined the couples on the floor. Sue nuzzled up

between Eileen's wide open thighs and began to lick and suck her shaved

pussy sucking Tom's load from Eileen's open snatch. This got Andy

excited and he moved around under Sue's sopping pussy and began to lick

her cum stained twat. Sue begged Andy to fuck her pussy and he

positioned himself behind my wife and pressed his cock up her slick twat

ramming his pole deep into her hot pussy with hard pounding strokes. I

went over to Eileen's head and rubbed my cock into her lips. Eileen

opened her mouth and swallowed my cock deep into her throat as she

played with my balls and fingered my ass. Sally spread Ceil's legs and

began to tongue fuck the red heads cute cum slick pussy lapping up

Pete's load while she rubbed Ceil's clit and gently probed her anal

pucker. Doug followed my lead and straddled Ceil's face offering her

his stiff cock which she quickly gobbled down until only his balls were

still visible. Pete's cock was stiff again and he moved in on Sally's

exposed and waiting twat. After giving her cunt a few preliminary licks

Pete mounted Sally doggy style pounding his ridged pole up her sperm

lubed cunt. Pete probed Sally deeply making her moan with each thrust.

Needing some pussy myself I pulled Eileen away from my wife's wanton

mouth and raised her legs up and continued the pussy licking Sue had

started. In no time Eileen began to quiver with orgasmic delight. I

moved up to her tits sucking and nibbling her erect nipples as I rammed

my cock deep into her hot cunt. Tom had positioned his wife Donna's

head under Sue so Donna could suck and lick Sue's hanging tits. Tom

meanwhile had raised Donna's legs to his shoulders and was fucking his

prick up her pretty blond pussy. Doug turned Ceil around and while she

kissed Sally and reached up and played with Sally's tits and frigged

Sally's clit Doug was pounding his cock up Ceil's tight little pink

pussy. With all that attention Sally went over the edge and began to

cum hollering for Pete to fill her pussy with his sperm. Pete stiffened

noticeably and began to pump Sally's slit full of his hot cum. Andy

started to grunt and Sue called out for him to ram her pussy and fill it

with his sperm as Sue came to a shuttering climax. I felt Eileen begin

to quiver again and her cunt gripped my invading cock like a vise.

Eileen begged me to fill her cunt an as her climax peaked I pumped my

load deep into her hot tight slit. Donna had Sue's whole tit in her

mouth by now and I could tell she was cumming by the way her belly

rippled with each stroke of Tom's cock. Tom was ready and he shot a big

load into Donna's gripping cunt as they both climaxed together. Sally

now coming down from her orgasm began to suck Ceil's pert tits making

Ceil get more excited. Ceil began screaming and arched her back

pressing her cunt into Doug's hard pounding strokes until they climaxed

and Doug filled that tight little pink pussy with a massive load of

jism. We all layed down in a heap licking and sucking each other trying

to rest for the next pairing.

Slowly we regained our former lust and one by one couples paired off and

began to go at it again. Pete rolled Donna on her back and began to

suck her cunt while massaging her firm tits and stiffing nipples. Since

Donna was so tall I decided that there would be room enough for Ceil to

sit on Donna's face while Pete fucked the tall blond. I pulled Ceil to

me and got her in a sixty nine position spreading her legs and licking

her pink pussy and erect clit. Ceil responded in kind and soon had my

cock deep in her throat as she played with my balls and fingered my

asshole. Seeing Ceil's anal predilections I pushed my finger up her

anus and was rewarded with a cry of passion as she took the whole ten

inches of my prick deep into her throat. I wanted to watch the others

as they progressed with their love making so after a short time I pulled

Ceil up and had her straddle Donna's mouth. By now Pete had his stiff

prick buried deep up Donna's cunt and was plunging in and out of her hot

box with long slow strokes. Donna was well on her way to a massive

climax and pulled Ceil's hips down and began to suck her clit. I moved

in behind Ceil and rammed my cock into her hot tight pink cunt pressing

forward until my balls were resting on Donna's face and I could feel her

tongue on my cock as she licked Ceil's stretched pussy and clit. I set

up a firm slow stroking in Ceil's cunt which made her pant out her

passion. Looking around I saw that I was not the only one stroking and

poking, Doug had Eileen up on all fours and was pumping her pussy with

his long cock as he probe her asshole with two fingers. Eileen was

almost incoherent her passion and the pleasure she was receiving made

her appear as a woman possessed. Sue and Sally positioned themselves

under Eileen's tits and were both sucking her stiff nipples and

squeezing her large tits. Tom was fucking his cock deep into my wife

Sue's pussy and I could see her pubic area tremble with each stroke.

Andy had Sally's legs spread obscenely and was probing her hot wet cunt

with his stiff pole making her tits shake with each thrust. I felt

Ceil's tight cunt begin to spasm signalling her climax was close and I

grabbed her tits and pulled on her nipples as she came. Ceil's tight

cunt gripped my cock with new intensity and I felt my cum boil up from

my balls and fill her pussy as we climaxed together. Ceil overcome with

pleasure sank down on Donna, seeing an opportunity for more I pulled my

still hard prick out of Ceil's cunt and spread her ass cheeks exposing

her pink puckered asshole. I rubbed some cum from her cunt on her ass

and pressed my cock up her tight anus. Ceil began to moan again as I

stroked my full ten inches up her hot tight rectum. Donna was sucking

down the juice and cum from Ceil's pussy as she too began to climax her

hips were thrusting up and I could tell from his expression that Pete

was filling her cunt with his warm sperm. Doug began his characteristic

grunting as he filled Eileen's cunt with sperm and Sue and Sally helped

Eileen over the top by frigging her clit. Eileen came so hard that she

passed out and Sue and Sally had to pull their heads out from under her.

Tom was pounding Sue's cum slick pussy and I knew they would cum any

minute, Sally was already in climax her hips thrusting up to meet Andy's

hard thrusts. I could see Andy's load leaking from Sally's satisfied

pussy as I hear my wife start to cum and looked on as Tom filled her

pussy with yet another load of cum. I was now pounding Ceil's tight

asshole with all my might and I her cry out as another orgasm ripped

thru her small firm body. Ceil's anus clamped down hard on my prick and

I felt my sperm fill her tight little butt as I rammed my cock up her

asshole. I pulled out of the little red head's well fucked asshole and

she rolled over on her side panting from her pleasure. Donna went to

Ceil and licked her anus collecting my load from her now dilated


Everyone was more than a little fucked out and I went to the kitchen to

get some wine to help us all get going again. By the time I had

returned the ladies had perked up considerably and Sue was gently

licking Eileen's cunt while Donna had her fingers up Ceil's cunt and

asshole. Sally was licking Donna's puckered anus while she pushed three

fingers into Donna's wet pink pussy. The guys however were still fucked

out and although they were stroking their cocks none of them had a

serviceable erection. We drank the wine and discussed other parties we

had been to and other sexual experiences which each couple had

participated in. Slowly the sex talk and the wine worked their magic

and hard cocks were again beginning to appear. Ceil began the session

by sucking her husband Andy's cock and balls while she shoved her finger

up his asshole and massaged his prostrate. Seeing her success the other

wifes join in and began to work their mates for our final orgy scene. I

watched Eileen suck Pete as Sue began to work on my half hard rod and

pressed her finger deep into my asshole soon she had me fully erect.

Once all of us had stiff pricks the ladies switched and the fucking

began. Donna came over to me and pushed me on my back sucking my now

rigid cock as she straddled my face and planted her sweet blond bush on

my mouth. I went to work on her cunt and clit as she deep throated my

cock and fingered my asshole. Seeing her desire I spread her ass cheeks

and pushed two fingers up her open anus. Sue moved to Pete and

straddled his prick stroking it as she slowly slid down impaling her

cunt on his stiff throbbing cock. I watched as Pete's cock spread her

cunt lips and slowly worked its way up my wife's pink wet pussy. Once

Pete was fully up her slit Sue began to bounce up and down ramming

Pete's cock deep into her hot wet vagina. Pete reached up and began to

pull her stiff nipples as she fucked her pussy with his prick. Doug had

his wife Sally on all fours her legs spread obscenely and was licking

her pussy as he probed her asshole with two fingers. Ceil grabbed Tom's

cock and lead him over to where Sally was, got under Sally and began to

suck her tits as Tom spread Ceil's legs and pushed his fat cock up her

red haired cunt. Eileen went over to Andy and grabbed his cock leading

him to Donna and I. Eileen pushed Donna down toward my cock and Donna

turned and mounted my stiff meat shoving my entire 10 inches up her wet

hot pussy. Eileen got to one side and began to lick and suck Donna's

stiff clit as my cock rammed up her hot tight pussy. Andy mounted Eileen

doggy style and rammed his meat up her cum stained pussy and began to

bang away making her tits jump and bounce with the force of his plunges.

Donna began to cum almost at once and I could feel her hot wet slit

tighten around my cock. Once she had finished her climax Donna rose up

and grabbed my cock directing it up her asshole. I felt her tight butt

put pressure on my cock and began to ram my tool up her asshole as she

rammed herself down on my stiff prick. I could hear my wife Sue calling

out her orgasm and demanding that Pete fuck her asshole. Looking over I

could see Pete's sperm running out of my wife's cunt as she rose up to

get Pete's cock free. Then Sue rammed herself down impaling her asshole

on Pete's slippery erection stretching her anus with each thrust. Sally

was cumming now and Doug filled her tight cunt with his creamy load.

Ceil was thrashing around her orgasm taking her breath away as Tom

filled her pink pussy with his sperm. Soon Donna was cumming again and

I fired another load into her body this time filling her hot rectum with

my hot sperm. My wife climaxed again as Pete filled her hot ass with

his load and Sue collapsed on the floor fully satiated. Eileen was

cumming and Andy filed her hot pussy with sperm as she climaxed multiple

times. Everyone was fucked out and we all lay back resting until we

could regain our breath. The rest of the evening went well and we all

got to be good friends. We now get together about twice a month to suck

and fuck ourselves sili. Since our initial meeting we have added a few

people to the group and I've never had a better XMAS present.
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