Jun 23, 2003
This month was purely dedicated to girth exercises. My routine was: 30 minutes wet-jelqs (mainly). ~10 slow dry jelqs . 30 second hoarses which I build up from 1.5 minutes to 5 minutes without getting red dots which I got in the beginning. I did not loose any erect length gains.

I did gain 0.1" EG. The 0.1" EG which I lost last month :)

My question is following: I have gained to 4.5" EG many times, but as I have used stretches and stuff I have never passed 4.5" EG. BUT, always, when I´ve come here I have easily made length gains at the same time as I´ve lost a 0.1" EG gain, --> to 4.4" EG.
I have LOT 7. And I have had it since I heard about BIB 's lot theory. All gains over 6.8 has definitely come from tunica stretching .

No one else experiencing the same thing? I have been Penis Enlargement:ing on and off since November 2002. I have actually been off totally 3 months... Which makes my Penis Enlargementing career 7 months.

My motivation:

1. My girl can cum from solely penetration. But obviously, not with my skinny little thing :)

2. Link Removed When I loose faith I just look at this picture. And the other 12" EBP one at "meet DLD", then I know everything is possible when it comes to Penis Enlargementing.

3. All people in this and 🙈 forum!
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