Hispanics omitted from Florida voter purge list


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Jun 3, 2003
"Hispanics omitted from Florida voter purge list"
Hispanics omitted from Florida voter purge list
New York Times |
"Of nearly 48,000 Florida residents on the felon list, only 61 are Hispanic. By contrast, more than 22,000 are African-American. About 8% of Florida voters describe themselves as Hispanic, and about 11% as black... black voters are overwhelmingly Democratic, while Hispanics in Florida tend to vote Republican... The paucity of Hispanic voters on the felon list was first reported Wednesday, by The Sarasota Herald-Tribune, but officials said then that the problem was not systematic. After The New York Times examined the data, state officials acknowledged that the method for matching lists of felons to those of voters automatically exempted all felons who identified themselves as Hispanic... The exclusion of Hispanics from the purge list explains some of the wide discrepancy in party affiliation of voters on the felon list, which bears the names of 28,025 Democrats and just 9,521 Republicans, with most of the rest unaffiliated." [After four years of legal battles it turns out the fucking list is still crooked? Somebody needs to go to jail for this.]

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