HI! just found out about pe this week!!


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HI, im 20yrs old 5ft 7" tall (or short) and am 5.5" in length and 4.5/5" in girth, so as u can imagine i've always wanted to increase my size especialy girth, however i've never had a problem getting women and have never really got any complaints because i've tried to improve in other areas, so im doing this to simply see if it works.

If been studyin this forum and others and have found very few guys who are as small as me doing this, it all seems to be guys with what i would call average to big dicks ie 6-7" length and 5.5 girth, now i'd be pretty happy with that.

So if theres any guys who have started as small as me and have seen gains could they let me know and if so post some photos in the picture room.

My goals are to really based increasing my erect size, i dont give a shit what size it is when its flacid cos thats no use to no1, as i am more intrested in the effectiveness in bed rather than showing off in the shower room which seems to be some guys goals.

Starting Length - 5.5"
Starting Girth - 4.5/5 (just a quick measurement)

Lenth - 6"-7"
Girth - 5.5" - 6"

These goals are quit low compared to others i've seen because im still a bit weary about all of this, even though i've read pages and pages of various forums, silly i know but im sure u understand.

Any comments on anything i've written are more than welcome, cheers guys.
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bobbymofo, I have seen many men with your starting size and much smaller too. My girth started out around the same as yours. Anyone that applies themselves to Penis Enlargement will make gains and it sounds like you already have that discipline. Your goals are very attainable too so I think you will be very happy, very quick:D


Welcome bobbymofo, my starting stats are where yours are now, believe me when I say this stuff works. DLD"s routines work. Consider being a MoS paysite member too. Your goals are realistic and you will find that it will change when you hit them. Good luck.


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cheers guys,

dld your size :dropjaw: really is somthing to spur a guy on, so i keep an open mind.

Mowinman, your probably right i think my goals will change if/when lol i reach my goal, but we'll see.

I wanted to ask about errection strength after all that intense stretching does your boy still stand to attention or do u just get hard and not be so vertical?

My only goal really is to fit into a stanard size condom girth wise, cos i've found that im slipping all over the place in a durex 54mm girth condom when im only 45-50mm.

Does or did anyone else have this problem?


Not to worry, it won't take long. You'll find at your desired size, a standard condom won't be comfortable. You'll be using magnums....:D

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