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Nov 6, 2003
Hi everyone, Im a new member and I'd like to introduce myself. Im an average guy with a less than average penis, in fact my first goal is to obtin an "average" 6 to 6 1/2" penis. I'm starting with a short, fat one - 4 5/8" erect length and 5 3/8" girth. I've been doing a similar routine to MOS for 3 weeks and started MOS this week on Monday. I havent made any noticable erect gains yet but im very dedicated and patient. I have , however, made some noticeable flaccid length gains although i havent been measureing flaccid. Is it normal to see flaccid gains first? It seems fatter in the flaccid state. Hearing about my wife's 8 1/2" Ex inspired me to grow mine. I may never reach that length , but I at least want to reach "average". I have faith in your routines, DLD, and I'm following your program to the letter! wish me luck. Im going to measure after my first 6 weeks (phase 1). I'll report back then.


Sep 12, 2003
Hi speesh2k3 and welcome.
Thats a great starting girth you got there.

I haven't made any noticable erect gains yet but I'm very dedicated and patient.
That will help get you to your goal and beyond m8.

I have , however, made some noticeable flaccid length gains
This was the first area i noticed a change and it felt great to see a difference so soon, a real motivator.

I am also following the MOS, and have just finished phase1 4 days ago and have gained a whole 1/2 inch which was a terrific surprise.

So stay focused and you will get there, good luck.
Aug 23, 2003
Gains will take some time and a whole lot of dedication. You will notice flaccid and stretched flaccid gains before anything. Stretched flaccid length is probably the most consistant and easiest way to record gains.

You can reach that 8 1/2" if you work hard enough. If you got that number from her, I wouldn't believe it. Women are TERRIBLE at measuring size. 8 1/2" is near unheard of in the "normal" world(common here in the Penis Enlargement world). He was probably around 7 or so.

Focus on the positive! You've got killer girth, I bet it drives your woman crazy!

Anyway, welcome to the Penis Enlargement family!


Jun 29, 2003
Welcome Spektrum, great girth start, length goal doesn't seem out of line. It is obtainable with hard work and dedication. And yes, you notice flaccid gain first. Good Luck!!!
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