Good day, gentlemen!

I can't exactly call myself a newbie at Penis Enlargement(7 months), but unfortunatley the lack of any serious gains seems to indicate otherwise. So i've decided to just forget my previous unsuccesful expiriences and change my routine. I would be grateful if you commented on my routine and helped answer some questions.

I've experimented somewhat, but in general here's how my routine used to look like-

3 days on,1 off/2 days on,1 off

5 minute hot-wrap
5 minutes strech/per direction + 5 minutes rotating stretch + 10 pulls/per direction
5 minute hot-wrap
30 minutes dry jelq(i've also tried wet jelqs occasionally)
5 minute hot-wrap
+in a day i ussually do 500 PC clamps and 5 PC Holds(as long as i can)

Here's what i'm going to do starting today(i really need good ideas)

3 days on,1 off/2 days on,1 off- for 4 weeks, than 1 week off and start with an increased work-out and etc.

5 minutes warm-up(hot water in a large cup, don't laugh)
5 minutes squat stretches (downward), 3 minutes stretch upward,3 minutes stretch left, 3 minutes stretch right, 5 minutes stretch parallel to the floor.10 strong pulls in all directions.
warm-up 5 minutes
20 minutes dry jelq(fully erect only)
5 minutes warm-up again
+in a day i ussually do 500 PC clamps and 5 PC Holds(as long as i can)

Some questions- I am uncut, so it's pretty hard to decide what kind of jelq to do? It seems that wet jelqing(foreskin not retracted) for me always leaves red bruises, which even though isn't very pleasant, still is reassuring and shows that the work-out has affect, unfortunatley i sometimes hesitate to continue working out the next day,being afraid to do more damage. Dry jelqing on the other hand never leaves any kind of bruising, so i'm unsure if it has any affect. Everybody seems to recommend doing the dry jelqs though.I'm confused.

Are jelqing and stretching exercises better performed standing or while sitting? Also at what angle(and does the LOT theory apply) work best for these exercises ?

Any tips on how to avoid skin stretching (i suspect that, that's my main problem)?

My length is 6" and girth is 5.1''

Thanks guys and sorry for the long post, i'm just a bit desperate i guess.

P.S please do ask if you didn't understand any of the questions, i'm not an english speaker, but will do my best to rephrase.
What are you looking for? Length ? Girth? I tend to focus on one aspect at a time, like right now I am focusing on Length so I stretch all the time. Talk to DLD, Supra, and SWM, they will put you in the right direction. Don't worry, your goals can be achieved.


Hey,thanks for replying, man. But is it neccesary, to focus on either girth or length , in order to have good gains, or is it rather a matter of personal preference?


Hello there Zurik. I read your routine and I must ask are you doing those stertches like 5 minutes with no break. If you do then I would advise you to take breaks between. 30 seconds of a solid tension stretch is a good way to do the stretching . If you want to try some good length exercise then try DLD's blasters. They will kickstart your length gains for sure. Well I myself preffer wet jelqs. I am uncut and I always wet jelq with no problems. Maybe you got the wrong lube. I would recommend J&J baby oil gel. It is the best lube I have used. To avoid skin stretching always retract the foreskin and grab behind the head. Pull the inner penis not the skin.

I am doing my exercising while sitting. It is more comfortable that way. I always jelq upward. For me this is the easiest way to reach the extereme base of my penis.
Good luck and if you have a question, ask it.
As an uncut jelqer, i always add a little "johnsons Baby Oil" as a lube. Then i start the jelq by rolling the foreskin back behind my hand in the "ok" position. As i jelq, the foreskin follows me up and down but never becomes a problem, never being tugged or strained in any way. A little practise and you'll get it smooth.

I also do jelqs per hand 100 at a time, jelqing up and down with the same hand and not changing hands between individual jelqs. You may find this helps control the foreskin as i do.


Thanks for all the advice guys, I really appreciate it.
I've decided to add DLD blasters. Also i'll try to dry jelqs for a month, if it still doesn't work i'll find a new lube, for wet jelqing.
Acctually i used to be doing those 5 minute stretches without breaks, but now that you pointed it out, having breaks does sound like a good idea. Speaking of breaks...how many rest days/per week is optimal? I also heard that it is actually a good idea, to take a week off, after every month of working out?
Thanks a lot guys.


Zurik always do those stretches with breaks. Do them in 30-60 sec intervals. Good idea that you decided to add some blasters. They work really well.

For the weekly scheduče the opinions are different. Some like it everyday, some do 5 on 2 off, some do just 3 sessions a week. The best thing is that you try various routines and see which one works best for you. Something that works for one guy doesn't mean it will work for you.

And yes I think it is a good idea to take a break every two months. Like a week break. It heals all the tissue and prepare you for the new battles.
Zurik said:
how many rest days/per week is optimal? I also heard that it is actually a good idea, to take a week off, after every month of working out?
Thanks a lot guys.
The key thing here is that everyone is different, my "Optimum" on/off pattern will likely be different to yours. The general consensus is that 1 or 2 days off a week at most is best, as basically otherwise you may drop out of the habit of doing this. A few, like DLD i believe, workout everyday.
Main thing is to try and get your own feel for what works for you.

I would say a week off after every month is quite a lot, i know in my weightlifting workouts i will take a week off after every 12 week training period. I may well keep that routine for my Penis Enlargement as well, but again its up to yourself :)

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