Hey guys, dont be afraid to "rate" a thread!



Down at the bottom of each page when you are reading a thread is a little drop down menu titled "Rate Thread". There you can select a rating for that thread...one thru five stars. Sort of like hotel or, movie ratings. Why rate a thread? Well, it will get more people to look at it. Stars next to threads draw attention. So, this may be a tip for guys wanting their threads to get more views and replies. However, dont go slapping a five star rating on every thread you read or, a thread just because it is YOURS! LOL.

Also, put a little more thought into the titles of your threads! Nothing personal at anyone, it's just I have seen a few guys wondering why their questions are not getting the replies they are looking for....it's the title man! If you title something "Better Size" when you are wanting to want to know how to improve your girth for example...few guys will probably read your post. Because the title you picked did not address your issue with a question to elicit a response. Make sense? So, if you are asking a question about a particular subject and want a reply, ask a question...dont make a statement...and try to make sure you are clear on what you want to know about.
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