Helppp! I Need Me An ROP!

Right... where to start. I have a kinda unique situation at the moment. When I was high on the seroxat (paxil/paroxetine) and was goin' out partying, dancing my ass off, drinking, having the odd puff of green etc I went on a two day spending spree, nearly maxing out my credit card. But luckily I lost both my credit and debit cards and cancelled them before anyone used them for their own ends. To cut a long story short, my finances are in total and utter limbo. I'm gradually sorting them out, but my bank keeps fucking up with my PIN #s for my new cards. Fucking imbeciles. Or maybe I should blame the posties (uk slang). But I digress...

I need to get an ROP but my Dad won't even lend me money to go out anymore. I can get some - if I'm real nice. But obviosly it's kinda a sensitve issue to say I need it for an ROP.

So my question is, should I buy a brand new one if i can scrape the cash, or try and make one (don't really want to cuz I don't have the time, even though it doesn't take long I know and i would like the real deal), or thirdly, is there anyone on here with a spare unit they would be willing to sell me for a reasonable price. Or, Supra, would u be willing to give me a discount on one?

What to do y'all?

P.S. If anyone's got a well used, oiled,and serviced and taxed 12 inch penis going spare, preferably with one careful lady owner, please give me a shout ;)
If you make one you're making the REAL DEAL. The ROP that you make isn't going to be any different then the ROP that Supra or Dash construct for you other than the fact that you're going to spend twice as much of your hard earned money on it. Besides, it only takes like 20 minutes tops to make one...if you don't have 20 spare minutes to construct a ROP how are you finding time to get in a full routine on a consistent basis?


agree with the other two posts make your own cost me 20 bucks theres even links where to buy material just like Nike says Just Do It rofl

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