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I just read the "breakthrough" theory post about doing it and not just studying all the time; I think I'm one of the people it is talking about.

Anyways, I want SO BAD to have a HUGE cock, but i still can't seem to keep myself motivated through a session. One big problem is stretching ... my flaccid girth is pretty weak, and I have big hands, so holding my member in a tight stretch tires my hands out easily, and then I get frustrated and just quit. And how do you guys just sit there for half - an hour at a time and just pull on your dick? Gets boring pretty quick to me. Any suggestions/comments welcome...

P.S. I know it sounds like I'm whining/being a baby, no flames or "just suck it up" comments please, looking for constructive help.


My hands used to get sore pretty easily while I was stretching . I found that over the course of a couple of weeks, my hands got used to it. I no longer get sore from stretching . Just do as much as you can, and slowly work your way up... maybe add 1 more stretch each day. Sometimes shaking out the hand that you are not using helps, too.
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The more you concentrate on holding the stretch the harder it will be, when i am stretching i read a book or a magazine to keep my mind off it. It works very well and i hold the stretches for alot longer and the time seems to fly bye.

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Originally posted by wannabe10
Anyways, I want SO BAD to have a HUGE cock, but i still can't seem to keep myself motivated through a session.

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I deal with a lot of men who suffer with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). For some men this disability makes it impossible to stay focused on daily routine. There is however one thing that even men with ADD can concentrate on...that one thing is SEX. Sex grabs the attention of most and staying focused on jerking off for a half hour is not usually the problem I discuss with my therapist:D I think the thought of getting a larger penis is enough for most people and this belief gets them to train. I think others need to view the whole Penis Enlargement thing in a different light in order to stay focused. That light is SEX. Looking at Penis Enlargement as a sexual situation always gets me to train when other motivations do not work. Pop in a porno tape and watch a few minutes until your focus has shifted from plain old boring exercise to a sexual theme. Now train in this spirit, the time will fly by and at the end you will feel accomplished. A Huge Cock is a wonderful thing to create...but it is a daily effort. Putting a bunch of days in front of one another will get you there but what is most important is doing it today.

I also believe that daily training is necessary to commitment for the ones with limited focus. A day off can easily turn into a week off. Daily training forces the habit and we become almost robotic in our routines.


Hey bro. Try wrapping with several layers of soft paper towel wrapped around your penis. It will make the girth lots larger and you will not have to grip as hard. I have to do it this way from an injury . Works great for me. My problem now is not wanting to stop stretching . I stretch even after i go to bed at night. Sometimes i wake with my hand still loosly gripping my dick. Of course 1 plus inches growth in a couple of months helps keep me motivated.


What I do is kick back in my E-Z chair. I powder up really well (cock & both hands), then I begin with 20 sets of 10-second pulls. I pull like HELL! And I always release my cock after each set, giving it a few seconds to restore circulation.
After that I got to blasters....5 sec kegels, 5 sec RKs. Break them down in sets, like do 5 kegels/RKs, then rest for 30 seconds, call that a set. Do several such sets.
And to finish it, I do some tough A-stretches , really pivoting my wrists & getting a HUGE stretch .
So, this keeps my attention. I don't just pull on it for 30 minutes straight, or randomly tug it - I use the sets concept.

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