Help with stretching problem



I am on my third week of proper Penis Enlargementing, and have already seen an increase in .5 inch BPenis EnlargementL (from 7" to 7.5") due mostly to manual stretches (a-stretch mostly). The problem is, no matter how I grip, I end up with red spots/bruising on my head. I know I am gripping properly, as I have seen DLD's videos. I grip below the head but the skin slides up and ends up pushing against the ridges of the head. Because of this there is a ring of no bruising where the head is pressed put then the tip of the head is all red. It dosn't hurt and I don't want to stop, but this is a real problem.

thanks a lot guys,


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bigbedu, I just read your private message and I thought it best to respond to you here. This is a very normal part of Penis Enlargement. Red spots and bruising come and go and pose no problems. Sometimes it will happen sometimes it will not. Within 24 hours they will fade.

With that said...CONGRATULATIONS on your GAIN!:) You must feel great.


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