Help With my Program Please


May 12, 2004
Hello. I am 18 6' 2" 180lbs. I run x-country (long distance running) 5 days a week, sometimes 6, 3-7 miles a day. I have a weight lifting program, but dont know what I should change.

I down a whey protein (cholate... yum..not) shake + 8oz h20 with 5g creatine + peanut butter and honey sandwich after each workout.

Every morning I eat oatmeal. Since I was 5 I pretty much have. 3 packets.. almost always peaches n cream, but I mix it up. I love oatmeal + it is easy. For lunch it is whatever, sometimes fastfood sometimes sandwich etc. Dinner always NICE homecooked meal from the mom. Good protein intake then.

ANYWAYS... I did a nice plan for 1-2 months it worked well, but then I took month off cuz I got sick for a week and never got back into it cuz end of school year busy.

Sunday - Chest/Abs

Bench: 100lbs reps - 120lbs 4 reps - 110lbs 6 reps

Used to do 125 10 reps, then 8, then 8

Abs: This is my ultimate ab workout.
30 V-Ups, 30 heel touchers, 30 backflat on ground 90 leg raises, 30 slow side crunches, 30 chinese situps, 30 2ft leg raises, 50 criss cross 2 ft off grounders

Used to be able to do all reps. But now I gotta take breaks, but Ill get back into it.

Monday - Biceps/Shoulders

Dumbbell Curls: 35lb 10 reps. 2 sets. Both arms.

Side Shoulder Raises 20lbs 8 reps. 2 sets.

Front Shoulder Raises 20lbs 8 reps. 2 sets.

Tuesday - Back/Quads

Straight Arm Pull Downs - Arms 45 angle up pull straight down gets.. lats I think and abs too. 50lbs 8 reps. 2 sets.

Behind Head Lat Pull downs - 100lbs 10 reps. 2 Sets.

Wednesday - Abs

Thursday - Chest

Friday - Biceps/Shoulders

Saturday Back/Quads

Ok. I dont know my bodyfat, but it isnt high. Not deathly low either.

What do all you studs/pros reccomend. I am thinking of getting tribulus and MAYBE maca not sure if it helps test. Keep on my multivitamin.

My apetite isn't very big. What can I do to get big, then cut. All suggestions welcome. Just please help.
Mar 16, 2004
What is it that you're trying to achieve?? Gain weight? Gain more muscle?

If you're trying to put on more size, then it sounds like you're not eating enough or enough of the right foods. Also, your workout routine is not nearly enough to put on any real mass. Two sets per bodypart just won't do it. If you just want to tone up then maybe... otherwise you need more sets.


May 18, 2004
6'2 180 seems a little skinny to me, so i'm assuming you want to put on weight. Last year I put on 20 lbs of muscle w/ creatine and protein, which is a hell of a lot of muscle to put on in a year w/o steroids. First off, make sure you are getting 1 - 1.5 grams of protein per lb of body weight. So you should be getting at least 180 grams of protein. Also, 20 grams of protein post-workout should be increased to 40.

Your workout program is pitiful at best. This is what I do

day 1 chest: incline barbell press 4 sets, 1 warmup
flat dumbell press 4 sets, 1 warmup
incine dumbell press 2 sets
flyes 2 sets

day 2: legs: *do mostly machine squats, target quads, and calves

day 4: shoulders/ tri's:
shoulder press w/ dumbells : 4 sets, 1 warmup
lateral raises: 3 sets
shoulder shrugs: 3 sets
skull crushers for tris: 4 sets, 1 of which is warmup
close grip bench press : 3 sets
bent over tricep extensions: 3 sets

day 6: back / bi's
bench over rows: 4 sets, 1 of which is warmup
lat pull downs : 3 sets
rows : 3 sets
barbell curls: 4 sets
dumbell curls: 3 sets
preacher curl: 3 sets

pre-workout: 5 grams creatine/ 5 grams glutamine
post-workout: 5 grams creatine/ 40 grams protein.


Jun 24, 2004
To build mass, you want less reps, more weight. And like he said above me, you need more food/protein than just that. I drink 3 protein shakes a day, using 23mg whey protein each time.

Check that out for help with your weight lifting routine/plans.
Mar 16, 2004
If you're serious about putting on size and strength, then try DC's training method. It will seem like you're not doing enough but you will be training to failure and if you eat as he recommends, you will put on size. DC himself is over 300lbs and prolly lifts more than anyone in his gym. His trainees easily put on 20-50lbs of muscle per year. Read the attachment, it's a summary of the workout routine that he makes his trainees do.



May 12, 2004
I am not skinny, but I am thin. I do NOT want to get "big", "huge-mongous", or "massiiiiive". I just want some nice cut muscles. See a bowflex commercial and think a little bit less muscle. Like the guys on the front of runner's world. Those guys are cut with good muscle, but aren't super huge.


Oct 15, 2003
why don't you read some articles in that magazine to give you some ideas? ;) just a thought.

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