Help! Very Worried!!


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I am very new to Penis Enlargement and have so far just stuck mainly to kegals. I was having a shower last night and pulled my foreskin right back and noticed a black mark (not a birth mark or anything like that). I am very worried and just wondered if anyone has expericenced this.

I am very sure that it is not Penis Enlargement or Sex related but can't get to see my doc for a couple of days.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me !!!


Well, it's been 6 days ...did you go to you doctor yet like you should have??


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Yes I did, totally forgot that I had posted on here !!

He said that it was just a mole and nothing to worry about, god did I feel good when he said that.

Thanks for checking though - good to see a close knit community on the net.



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Yeah I have a small one about the size of old Abe's face area, on a penny. That thing bugs the hell outta me.. Bastard.. :blaster:


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