help please

hey guys. Ive never knew what a turkey neck was until i saw a pciture now i realzie i have one. how do i get rid of it?? any reply to this post will be greatly appreciated


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My opinion of TURKEY NECK is very simple. I think that there is a period for some guys that much of their stretching efforts result in skin stretch rather then internal penis stretch . I think this happens when someone stretches with too much foreskin or what foreskin they have left. If too much skin is used in a stretch most of the stretch intensity will go to the skin rather then the internal penis. The solution I usually give is it two things, 1.) Whenever possible grip your scrotum with one hand and stretch against it with the other. This can be done with almost every stretch . 2.) Always retract all skin at the glans before gripping so the stretch translates to the tunica and ligs rather then the skin.

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