Help please, testicular pains


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Jul 13, 2004
"Help please, testicular pains"
Okay, I know this is the wrong forum for something like this, please forgive me, but I just don't know what to think.

I'm having some mild pains that come and go, mainly on my right testicle (the one that hangs lower for me). Sometimes its dull and faint, sometimes sharp. Doesn't last too long, and I know sometimes it can be nothing because it's happened before and I had it checked out and the doc said everything was fine...

But I just looked in the mirror, and some of my veins are very exposed and red. I donno what's going on, any help would be great.
I'm also having some random sharp pains around my body, and had one kind of tingling sensation in my right thigh that went away, not sure if I'm making things up because of the stress/paranoia.

Sigh. Sorry for rambling. Ignore my singature I have been busy IRL and haven't had time to sit down and start Penis Enlargement, so I know it's not that.

Thanks for any help

edit: The pain doesn't seem to be too bad right now, if I have any sensations down there it's mostly faint and dull.
May 18, 2004
"Help please, testicular pains"
Man I think that faint and dull pains and such are very normal.....I always get dull to sharp pains all over my body (maybe it aint so normal but it happens to me too)

I get weird pains and feelings in my nuts too ( I attribute it to the stupid little grade school bitches who would kick you in the junk, fuck I hated that)

I get peircing pains in my heart and lungs too, Id say a couple times a week.....

Aint too much you can do about these things bro, just live with em, and dont think and worry about them, because there probably nothing and the stress will hurt more than they do....

Just my opinion

If it means that much, go see a doc, Us forum guys cant do too much for ya anyhows
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