Help! Numbness and loss of feeling

I posted this at Thunders 2 weeks ago, I'm posting it here to see if hopefully someone knows what I can do.

I was doing just fine with Penis Enlargement for years and then I finally did hanging , did all the right stuff and was really safe. I did it for a week last month and the last 2 days of it I noticed my head was really numb. So I stopped, 2 weeks later I tried it again, most of the feeling had come back, this time I did 3 10 minute hangs at 5 lbs, my head was number than the 3 weeks before! It's been over 2 weeks and it's still numb, not as bad, but I am having a hard time getting it up from the loss of feeling and numbness. My penis looks fine, it never got discolored or cold.

I was using the captains wench. It was comfortable and felt ok. I was tightening it way too tight, I made sure I never felt weight being pulled on the head, I kept it in the middle of my penis when stretching .

This numbness is a horrible feeling, I hate it. I got a hand job from my girl the other night and woke up with the numb head again. This really really sucks.

It's been 2 weeks since I got really bad numbness, it hasn't gotten better. I've totally have not done any Penis Enlargement. I've had sex with my girl a few times when it doesn't feel numb and I'm very very careful and taking it easy. But even then after anytime of being hard, my penis feels numb all over again for days, after then the numbness fades some, but if I wake up hard it's numb again.

What do I do? My dick looks fine, no bruises or bends or anything. I am so sad about this, I hate this constant numbness and no feeling on the head, feels rubbery. Should I see a doctor or is it a uroligist I should see? Again, it's been over a month since I first started hanging and got the numbness and loss of feeling and over 2 weeks since I had did a short hang session and bad it 3 times worse. Besides the constant numb feeling, and rubbery head, sometimes I feel a light burn sensation, and when I'm hard. My head doesn't get very hard now and not getting as big and hard as before and can't stay hard as long, I'm lucky I can even get hard. That would be the loss of feeling.

I been using a heating pad daily, drinking a lot of water , and taking a lot of vitamens. What else can I do. I not going to do any Penis Enlargement until months after it's gone. And never again hanging .
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Man that sounds intese, take a break, use a heat pad and do a lot of edging to resensitize yourself
Must, If I were you, I would wait another week or so. I have a problem going to the Dr. and talking about Penis Enlargement. Meanwhile I wouldnt have any sex it sounds like it might be prolonging / stopping the healing process. I'm no Dr. but I have been hanging with a Bib hanger for 2+ years now.

It sounds to me like you were over doing it. It could have been a few things:

Your wrap might have been alittle too tight
You might have used too much weight too soon.
You might have used too much weight too soon and long.

The key is to keep good blood flow going, so try to shorten your sessions in the future.

In the early stages of Hanging I was really gungho and over did it too. It all came back around and I took it real slow from there on in. I think my healing took 3-4 weeks I had NO sex or masturbation for that time.

Like I said I'm no Dr. But these are my findings, I hope they help.

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