Help Needed (NON-PE Injury)

Sorry I haven't been here for a while because I had an encounter which resulted in three broken fingers on my left hand (Alcohol + Doors= Not Good). Anyway, I tried to get into an A-stretch for Blaters and can sort of get into it. I have a Bib Hanger with a lot of 8:45 and am looking for length (SWM could you help with a hanging program?). Nevertheless, DLD is there any program you can recommend for length (Can't Jelq due to left hand being impaired.) Doc says my cast will be off in 4-6 weeks. Thank you for any help, and I will keep you updated.


How impaired is that hand? You pretty much need two hands to hang. Well at least to ....wrap , put the hanger on...yea you need two hands.


Can't you jelq with one hand?

I know your trying to trap blood with 2 hands and such, but one had should still push blood into shaft too. Plus just think this blood is newly oxygenated not the stale old blood that had been sitting in your penis for a while. :D

Also with the "A"-stretch you may be better of doing the Fake Arm stretch . Using something like a pipe in order to create an A stretch like affect.

Thanks for the Fake Arm advice. BTW, SWM, you and DLD should create hanging tutorial videos for the MOS paysite.