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Nov 19, 2003
Hi all. New to Penis Enlargement, planning on starting my routine tomorrow morning and proceeding from their. Right now i am 25 and at 5 el and 5 EG. My goals are not to high, only 9.5EL and 6 EG:) (I'll probably raise my goal once i reach that level) hopefully that is not out of the realm of possibility. I planned on using DLD's phase one program for the first six - eight weeks then opening my self up to the suggestions of those who have been down the road already.

Does anyone have an suggestions or additions to my first 6-8 weeks program for increased effectiveness.

One more thing, I am a little tight on time therefore could i combine the basic stretching and basic jelqing and do them in the morning and the PC muscle fitness at night with the testicle health massage before bed?


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Oct 15, 2003

Wish you all the best on your Penis Enlargement. Phase I has been good to me. I hope it works as well for you. :)

I do my stretching & my jelqing one after another. I dunno how optimal this is, but it's been working for me so far.

Best wishes,



Jun 29, 2003
Welcome short37, start with the basics and use the time to read posts, there are several good threads addressing all kinds of issues, exercises etc. You will in the early stages of Penis Enlargement be well informed. Stay involved, post, all help you along your journey in Penis Enlargement. Make sure to measure, record and if you have a digital camera, take a picture with a ruler. Seeing is believing and you'll have written and photo documentation of where you started and where your at. Good luck in your Penis Enlargement adventure.

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