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Newbie here and to Penis Enlargement in general. Hi to DLD and you all. I love this site and am really inspired by you guys.

Yesterday marked my first day actually doing the beginner’s routine, and already I have a problem. I did my warmup, did all the stretches , then immediately followed with 300 jelqs (the beginner routine separates the stretching fromt he jelqs, but I figured what the hell, I was on a roll). After this session, I developed a blood blister on the head. Does this mean I was overdoing it, or is something like that pretty common for first timers. Also, should I stop the routine until the blister disappears, or just work my routine around it. I’m not sure what caused it - the stretches or the jelqs because I really didn’t notice it until after my warm down. Will jelquing make it worse by pumping more fluid into the penis? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Nothing to be worried about it will go away by tomorrow. You may want to back off the intensity a tiny bit and slowly build it back up to avoid getting blood spots and or blisters. I still get the infamous blood blister in the head every now and again...usually it was from a very good workout. Remember that Penis Enlargement is the business of BLOOD and PRESSURE, two notorious components of bruising and blistering. Over time you will find out what causes this and what to worry about and what to expect.



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Well DLD beat me too it. Welcome aboard by the way! :)